23+ Best Easter Decorations to cheer your home

by Carole John
Easter Decorations

23+ Best Easter Decorations to try this year

Easter is around the corner; how about adding our best Easter decorations ideas to your list?  These are easy, and you are guaranteed to have fun while at them. 

Best Easter Decorations: Radish Eggs

This is one of the ways you can use to decorate for Easter. You can choose to paint or dye three-quarters of a blown-out white egg pink. Attah off-white twines at the bottom to create roots. Then roll up a green crepe paper to make a stem and cover the seam with the glue.

Best Easter egg decorations
Source: Country Living

DIY Easter Tree

These are easy to make, and they will make your home look beautiful. All you need is a vase and some twigs. You can spray-paint the twigs silver, gold or any colour you would like. And then hang some decorated eggs. It is not only a good Easter decoration but also very easy. 

Easter tree decoration idea
Source: Jacob Fox

Fresh Flower Wreath

Best Wreath Easter Craft

There is nothing that screams spring than a floral wreath. This is easy to make since you need some fresh greenery and assorted seasonal flowers, and you are good to go. It is perfect for hosting Easter brunch.

Easy to make Easter wreath
Source: Better Homes & Gardens
Easy Easter Wreath Decoration
Source : Better Homes & Gardens

Painted Mason Jar Centerpiece

Best Easter Decorations: Mason Jars

For this, you will need mason jars and spray paint of your preference, for instance, white. You can play around with the spray paint to achieve your desired look.

Mason Jar Easter decorations
See tutorial at HOME MADE Lovely

Here is another idea on how to use your mason jars

Mason Jars simple Easter decorations
Source: On Sutton Place
Diy Easter Mason Jar Craft
Source: The Daily Meal
Mason Jars Best Easter decorations
Full tutorial at Hapiness Homemade

Tulip Basket Wreath

Easy Easter Decorations: Tulip Basket Wreath

This is an excellent alternative to the ordinary circle wreath that we are generally used to. For this, you need to get a basket and some flowers, and you are good to go. Tulips are ideal for this wreath.

Basket Tulip wreath best diy Easter decorations
Source: Oprah Daily

Best Easter Decorations: 3D Easter Sign

This is one of the simplest crafts to make this season. It is ideal for the mantle.  It is something that you can engage the kids in. Get the tutorial at Lemon Thistle.

Easter diy decorations
Source: Oprah Daily

Easter Bunny Banner

This is as simple to make as it looks. All you need is a plain piece of canvas, cut it in the shape you would like and paint a bunny on it. 

Easy Easter Bunny Diy Craft
Source: Alice and Lois

Easter Centerpiece Tray


How cute are these centrepieces? Having a centrepiece goes a long way for your decorations. You will need moss, votive eggs, bunny candies and decorated eggs for this first one, and you are good to go. Full tutorial at Better Homes & Gardens 

Easter bunny table centerpiece
Source: Alice and Lois

Best Easter Table Decorations 

Here are some more centrepieces that you can try

Easter Simple Centerpiece Decorations
Source: Bless’er house
Easter Best Centerpiece Decorations
Source: a wonderful thought
Easter Best Centerpiece Decorations
How about this coffee table center piece from Kirklands.com

Best Easter Decorations: Cracked Easter Egg

This is another simple Easter decoration that you can try. They can find cracked mache eggs at craft stores and paint them to your liking.

Cracked Easter Egg Simple Decorations
Source: BH&G

Here is another approach you can use

Cracked Easter Egg Simple Decorations
Source: The Cottage Market

What about making candles in cracked easter eggs?

Egg Shell Candle Easter easy decoration
Source: Bloglovin
Egg Shell Candle Easter easy decoration
Source: Bloglovin

Mismatched Vintage China

Pair out your grandma’s china with a touch of modern elements. For instance, with brass silverware and colourful glassware. See how Country Living does it. 

Mismatched Vintage China Easter decoration idea
Source: Brian Woodcock
Mismatched Vintage China Easter decoration idea
Source: Sarah Pierce

DIY Easter Kitchen Linens

Tutorial from Simple Simon & Company 

Simple Diy Easter Kitchen Linens

Best Easter Decorations: Bunnies

Nothing screams easter than bunnies. There are so many ways in which can incorporate bunnies into your space this season.

Best bunny Easter decorations
Source: Blogs by Aria
Best bunny Easter decorations
Source: Pinterest

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