30 Best Spice Organization Ideas For A Neat Home

by Carole John

1. Over the door organizer

Spice Organization Idea

This is ideal for when you do not have a lot of space in your kitchen. Organizing your spices on the door helps you save space that you can use for other purposes. 

Spice rack ideas
Source: Amazon

2. Floating Shelves

Here is another way of organizing your spices by utilizing your vertical space. It is ideal for when you want to save space, and it is also aesthetic. 

spices rack ikea
Source: Little House On the Corner

3. Use Raisers

Spice organization ideas

Raisers help you to maximize your space in the cupboard or a drawer which it easy for you to fit more spices. 

Source: Spice it your way

4. Use Clear Labels

This is not only eye-catching but also keeps you organized and you can easily pick out the spices you need. 

spice organization ideas
Source: Stepford Living

5. Auto-Measure Spice Carousel

Spice organization ideas

Using carousels is another way of organizing spices. Carousels are good as they hold a lot of spices. 

Source: Amazon.ca

6. Label the tops

Helps you to pick out your spices easily if you are stacking them on each other.

Source: Love and Olive Oil

7. Minimalist Ceramic Spice Jars

These are not only beautiful, but they help you achieve a crisp and clean look. They are also opaque and help to minimize visible clutter. The bamboo lids just make them stand out more. 

Spice drawer organization
Source: HGTV

8. Hang Magnetic Spice Racks

It not only looks good but utilizes vertical space leaving you with much more space you can use for other needs.

Magnetic Spice Racks

9. Mount a Slide-Out Spice Rack

Spice cabinet organization ideas

This is ideal for when you have to place your spices in a higher cabinet. This allows you to reach all your spices easily. 

pull out spice rack
Source: Amazon

10. Use a corner cabinet

You may have a corner cabinet that is hard to access, and you can’t really put much inside. Why not use it for your spices? You can get a lazy Susan installed.  Below are some ideas that you can borrow from. 

Spice organization
Source: Seriously happy homes
Spice organization
Source: Pinterest

11. Use the wall

This is an easy DIY that you can do in your kitchen by using floating shelves to organize your spices.  Use coordinating jars and labels to make them look better. 

Wall Spice Organization
Source: MyDomaine
organizing spice wall ideas

12. Revolving Spice Rack

It keeps your kitchen organized and neat and holds many spices too. You can also use a lazy Susan to achieve the same.

Rotating spice organization
Source: Kitchen Stuff Plus

13. Add a narrow pantry

If you enjoy cooking, this is something you can consider as it will hold a lot of spices. 

Organizing tips

14. Criss-Cross Spice Organizer

You can place this on the counter or mount it on the wall.  See below for inspiration. 

how to organize spices diy
Source: Amazon
how to organize spices diy
Source: Amazon

15. Magnetic Spice Jar

Spice organization ideas

This can stick to your fridge or any other place that you have magnets. It is a good way to utilize the vertical space. 

Source: Spice Hive

16. expandable spice rack drawer

Spice drawer organization ideas

Coordinate your spice jars and labels for an aesthetic look. 

Source: Amazon

17. Use acrylic spice rack

This is not only beautiful but also occupies very minimal space. 

Source: Prodyne

18. U-Shaped Spice Rack

 This is another approach you can use to organize your spices. This u-shaped spice rack holds a lot of spices. 

pantry organization
Source: Amazon

19. Use Half-Moon Spice Rack

This is ideal if you do not have many spices, as it does not hold that many. 

Source: Shop Home Basics

20 Use a metal spice rack

This not only holds your spices but also acts as decor. 

Source: Walmart

21. Lazy susan

Spice cabinet organization ideas

Depending on the size of the lazy Susan you choose, you can hold a ton of spices, which are also easy to retrieve. 

Spice cabinet organization ideas
Source: My Kitchen First

22. Bamboo Spice Rack

Spice organization Ideas

You can leave this on the countertop or put it in the cabinet, but it holds a ton of spice jars. 

Source: AliExpress

23. Pull-Down Spice Rack

This gives a clean look and can be placed in those high cabinets that are not easy to get to. 

organizing spice cabinet ideas
Source: Houzz

24. Magnetic Shelf Over the Stove

Add a magnetic shelf over the stove. This is great as it can hold your frequently used spices. 

Source: Mom Home Guide

25. Stick on Spice Gripper Clips

DIY Spice Organization Ideas

These are inexpensive and can hold up to 20 spice jars. You can save up on your cabinet and drawer space by putting this on the side of the cabinet or the door. 

Source: Daraz.pk
best spices organizer
Source: Amazon UK

26. Test Tube Spice Rack

Quiet unique, and beautiful at the same time. 

Source: Pinterest

27. Clever Cabinet Space Saver

This helps you to take advantage of hidden places. It is easy to mount to the underside of the shelf and easy to pull out and back.  Round space canisters are ideal for this spice rack as they are easy to clip on without the need to drill. 

Source: hgtv.com

28. Bag it up

DIY Spice Organization

This is another approach to displaying or storing your commonly used spice. Especially if you buy in bulk, you can take out small amounts and put them in bags. 

how to organize spices diy
Source: IKEA

29. Upcycle your glass jars

Most people collect their glass jars, so why not upcycle them and use them for your spices? 

DIY Spice organization
Source: Homework

30. Crate Spice Rack

DIY Spice Organization

This is another way of utilizing your vertical space. Custom make a crate to hold your jars. 

DIY Spice Organization

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