30 Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

by Carole John

Tips for a healthier and happier lifestyle

We all want to live a healthier and happy lifestyle. We have compiled 30 tips for a healthy lifestyle that will help you achieve this.

Tips for a healthy lifestyle
Source: Zululand Observer

1. reduce Sugar Intake

  • Tip for a healthy lifestyle: Reduce Sugar Intake 

Sugar-sweetened beverages, including sodas and sweetened tea, increase body weight and inflammation in the body. These increase the risk of lifestyle diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Source: Baylor Collège of Medicine

2. Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Get enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the things that will take you close to a healthy lifestyle.  Poor sleep disrupts appetite hormones and may trigger overeating. 

3. Drink water/stay hydrated.

  • Healthy lifestyle tip: Get Enough Sleep

Drinking water is vital in maintaining healthy skin.

Also, it is essential to drink enough water to aid various bodily functions, mainly kidney functions.


30 Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle

4.Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Avoid ultra-processed foods

Processed foods are high in sugar, salt preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and highly refined oil, which are high risk in increasing body weight.


5. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

                       Vegetables and fruits will lead to a healthy lifestyle. 

Include vegetables and fruits in your meal every time to lower the risk for heart disease, obesity and increase life quality.


Excercise regularly for a healthier life

6. Exercise

  • Healthy Lifestyle Tip: Excercise 

Physical activity for 30 minutes or more a day is essential for a healthy life. It helps

  • control weight,
  • prevent health conditions,
  • reduce stress,
  • boost energy,
  • and promote better sleep.

These factors improve the quality of life and healthy living by lowering disease risk.

7. Limit or Avoid Alcohol

For a healthy lifestyle, avoid or limit alcohol.

For a healthy lifestyle, avoid or limit alcohol consumption to reduce the health risks related to excess alcohol consumption.  Alcohol consumption leads to health problems, such as, 

  • cancer,
  • liver disease,
  • high blood pressure,
  • and heart disease

8. Reduce and Manage Stress

Changes to make to lead  healthy lifestyle 

Stress has negative impacts on mental and physical health, and it’s essential to prevent and reduce stress for a healthy life. It is essential to adopt various coping methods, such as,

  • exercising,
  • taking a vacation,
  • meditation,
  • and taking a stroll.

9. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is associated with various severe health problems that limit a healthy and long life. It increases the risk of diseases such as,

  • cancer,
  • lung disease,
  • tuberculosis,
  • and immune system problems.

10. Increase Protein Intake

Protein is essential in building and repairing muscles.

Foods rich in protein include chickens, poultry, fish, beef, and pork

11. Maintain good oral hygiene

  • Tip for a robust lifestyle: Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

 This will help in preventing oral infections, tooth decay, and gum diseases that can interfere with daily life by causing pain and discomfort.

Balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle

12. Eat a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is essential in reducing the risk of diseases and improving the quality of life. This includes eating all types of foods in moderation and avoiding nutrition-deficient foods.

13. Build strong social connections

It is crucial to establish positive friendships and social networks for a healthier and quality life. Strong social connections are essential in improving one’s mental health. 

14. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Bodyweight is a significant factor in determining the quality of life and disease risk. Unhealthy body weight is associated with obesity.  

15. Wear Sunscreen

This is key for healthy skin, which goes a long way to help with achieving a healthy lifestyle. 


16. Avoid overeating

This increases the likelihood of overweight and obesity, which results in diseases and premature death. 

17. Drink tea and coffee

Drinking tea and coffee is vital for a healthier life as they decrease the likelihood of various diseases.

  • Healthy lifestyle tip

Taking tea, especially green tea, reduces the likelihood of getting cancer, heart disease,  and diabetes.

Coffee reduces the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Drink in moderation to avoid insomnia and anxiety.

18. Healthy Snacking: Healthy Lifestyle tip

Snacking during the day is essential, but it’s critical to snack on healthy foods such as fruits, salad, and freshly squeezed juices. 

These will improve metabolism and increase nutritional and healthy food intake.

19. Do not miss breakfast.

  • Healthy tip: Do not miss breakfast

Breakfast is helpful in kick-starting one’s metabolism for the day and stops one from overeating.


20. Get screened

Preventive health care screening is vital to prevent illness and ensure timely intervention for easy treatment.

Healthy lifestyle tip

Ensure you go for regular checkups to monitor various body functions, including,

  • blood pressure,
  • cholesterol,
  • dental exam,
  • and cancer screening.

21. Self-care: A healthy lifestyle tip

Self-care is essential for a healthy life. 

It is vital in energizing one’s body and spirit. It also improves physical and mental health.

See 32 Self- Care tips that you can practice.

Self-care ideas: 32 free ways to look after yourself

22. Eat intact grains

Intact grains have nutritional benefits as it has vitamins, mineral, and oxidants that aren’t present in refined grains. Choose intact grains like cut oats, brown rice, millet, quinoa, and kasha over refined grains.

23. Avoid negativity and cultivate a positive mindset.

Negative people or situations can limit one’s peace of mind and mental health.  Develop better-coping skills with positive thoughts and avoid situations that result in negative energy.

24. Eat Organic food

Organic food provides a healthier option over non-organic foods due to the increased use of chemicals in food framing. The effects of the chemicals increase the likelihood of various diseases, including cancer.

25. Supplement your diet

Use supplements to complete your diet

The foods we eat may sometimes cause a deficiency of various essential nutrients needed for healthy functioning. However, supplements are available in various forms, including pills, including

  • iron,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • vitamin D,
  • and Vitamin B12

26. Practice safe sex

Sexual health is essential in leading a healthier life by preventing sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies.


27. Avoid drugs and substance abuse.

To lead a healthy lifestyle avoid drugs and substance abuse 

Drug abuse increases high-risk behaviours,  such as,

  • irresponsible sexual activities,
  • reckless driving,
  • and other dangerous activities that may result in accidents.

Similarly, substance abuse addiction is associated with various mental disorders and physical illnesses that limit the quality of life.

28. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, hence the need to take time and engage in outside activities. Here is an article to help you understand this better,

8 Biggest Health Risks Associated With a Sedentary Lifestyle

29. Seek medication for aches and pains

  • Tip for a healthy lifestyle: Seek Medication for Aches and Pains 

Pain also limits the quality of life and increases the risk of other severe health conditions.

30. Practice Meditation and Yoga

  • Healthy lifestyle tip: Meditation and Yoga 

Meditation is essential in improving focus and concentration.  Read more on the benefits of meditation on Healthline  12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

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