21 Fun and Easy Easter Crafts For Kids

by Carole John

1. Edible Easter Crafts : Chicks

Easter Crafts for Kids 

This is something that the kids will really enjoy doing. It is simply turning Jordan Almonds into edible Easter crafts.  For this first one give the kids an edible marker to paint eyes and tinted royal icing so as to make a beak on the Jordan almonds.  Full tutorial at Woman’s day

Edible Easter Crafts
Source: Woman's Day

2. Edible Easter Crafts : NEST EGGS

Here you will need cupcakes, which you and the kids add frost and toast in coconut. you will then put the Jordan almond eggs and the decorated chick on top.  Tutorial woman’s day

Easter Crafts for Kids
Source: Woman's Day


In this, you will draw a face on white Jordan almonds using an edible marker.  you will then glue the ears and hair using royal icing. 

Tutorial:  Woman’s day

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids
Source: Woman's Day

4. Egg Topiary

This egg topiary will keep the Easter afternoon going as you create the topiary and the napkin-covered eggs. The decorations are not limited since they can be whatever fits the idea. Tutorial Woman’s Day 

Egg Topiary Easter Crafts for Kids

5.Saguaro Cactus Easter egg

This is a perfect craft for kids and you can also use it to decorate your home.

Tutorial: See Vanessa Craft

Easter Crafts
Source: See Vanessa Crafts

6. Hanging Egg Centerpiece

Easter Egg Crafts for Kids

This is a fun craft to involve the kids in. It can also serve as your Easter centerpiece. 

Tutorial: Woman’s day 

Easter Kids Crafts
Source: Woman's Day

7.Peep Houses

Edible Easter Crafts for Kids

This is both an Easter craft and an Easter treat. Regardless of whether you decide to eat them or not they are fun to make.  You will need peeps, graham crackers, frosting/ icing, newspaper, and Easter decor.

Tutorial: Yesterfood

Edible Easter Crafts for Kids
Source: Yesterfood

8: Easter Crafts for Kids: Carrot Footprints

This is so easy and the kids will really enjoy it, here are the steps 

  • Paint footprint
  • Cut the out the footprint
  • You can paint swatch or cut strips of green paper
  • Tape the green strips on back (top)of carrot.

Source: One Krieger Chick

Source: One Krieger Chick

9. Chick Finger Puppet

You have got to make this Easter crafts for kids. they are easy, cute and you can play with even after Easter. Tutorial: iHeartCraftyThings

Chick finger puppets kids crafts
Source: iHeartCraftyThings

10. Chick and Lamb Plates

This craft is simply easy and so much fun. The kids have so much fun while making it. The googly eyes make it hysterical. 

Tutorial: Vicky BARONE 

Chick & Lamb Easter Kids Craft
Source: Vicky BARONE

11.Easter Bunny Handprint

Kids do enjoy tracing their hand on a paper , so  they will really love this craft.  All you will need is paint. 

Tutorial: Crafty morning 

Fun Craft for kids
Source: Crafty Morning

12. Egg Doily Craft

This egg doily craft is inspired by a book and it will be more fun if the kids know the story. Knowing the story will give them the “I know this” creativity. Full tutorial at A Little Pinch of Perfect. 

Kids Easter Crafts
Source: A Little Pinch of Perfect

13. Easy Paper Chick Craft – Chick Easter Decoration

Easy Easter Crafts for kids

What is there not to love about this Easter Paper Craft! It is adorable and very easy to make.  you will need coloured paper, glue sticks, bakers twine, a round template or something round, beads and black markers. 

Full tutorial at Red Ted Art

Christian Easter Crafts for Kids
Source: Red Ted Art

14. Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner for Easter

Bunny Easter Crafts for kids

These corner bookmarks are something fun that the kids can do. It is actually something that you can do for all the occasions. Tutorial at Red Ted Art

Bunny Easter Craft
Red Ted Art

15. Paper Plate Sewing Easter Chick Craft

 This is not only an Easter craft, but you will also be teaching your kids how to sew. 

Tutorial iHeartCraftyThings

Easter Art for kids
Source: Red Ted Art

16. Carrot Craft – Easter Craft Idea for Kids

Here is an easy craft stick craft  for this Easter.  you will need faux paper grass, orange craft paint, orange  and green paper. hot glue and scissors. 

Tutorial Easy Peasy and Fun 

Easter Craft Idea for Kids
Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

17. Bubble Wrap Sheep Craft for Kids

Easter Art for Kids

Another fun Easter craft for kids. You will need Bubble wrap, white paint, Black paper, 2 Googly eyes, Glue and scissors.

Tutorial: Crafty Morning

Bubble Wrap craft for kids
Source: Crafty Morning

18. Yarn Wrapped Carrot Craft for Kids

This craft is also a great decoration idea and they are very easy to make. You will need, orange acrylic wool, cardboard, green or natural clothespins, scissors and white school glue which is optional. Full tutorial at Easy Peasy and Fun. 

Yarn Kids Craft
Source: Easy Peasy and Fun

19. Cute and Simple Doily Chick Craft

Easy and Perfect Last Minute Easter Crafts for kids

This is a craft that can be wet up really quick and it is not messy.  If you run out of ideas or simply cannot get that one craft that is fun and quick we have got you. This is ideal for you.

Full tutorial at iHeartCraftyThings

Chick Craft
Source: iHeartCraftyThings

20. Balloon Printed Chicks Kids Craft

Easter Crafts for Kids 

This is a painting challenge that is very fun and kids are going to love it.  And to make it fun, you get the kids to paint with balloons.  You will need balloons, paint, paper plates, and heavy cardstock paper.  Full tutorial at iHeartCraftyThings.

21. Cute Easter Craft: Easy Easter Candy Jars

This is one craft that you can use as a decor item for your home or even gift friends or family members. They are so cute.  There are also many variations of how you can make them.

Full tutorial  Crazy little Projects

Source: Crazy little project

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