21 Mason Jar Easter Crafts that are incredible

by Carole John

Easy Mason Jar Easter Crafts

Easter Mason Jar Crafts

Easter celebration decorations are made out of anything as long as creativity brings out the Easter theme. For example, snacks, meals, and home decorations alone can tell it is Easter. In the same way, Mason jars can be creatively used during Easter to bring out the Easter theme through decorations, gifts, candle holders, vases, and Easter baskets. These are 21 mason jar Easter crafts that are easy to make. 

1. Bunny Jar Toppers

Here is one Easter bunny mason jar craft that you will love. These are simple decorations and can use plastic bunnies painted in different colors. The jar can be used to store candies or gifts. Full tutorial at Torie Jayne. 

Easter bunny mason jar craft
Source: Torie Jayne

2. DIY Easter Mantel Decoration

This is a decoration that involves filling the Mason jars with Easter colors and the good thing is that it doesn’t take long to complete decorating them. Once the mason jars are ready arrange them on your mantle.  Full tutorial at Creating from the Heart. 

Source: Creating from the Heart

3. Bunny Bait Jars

Bunny  Easter Craft

These are very adorable and easy to make decorations which involve filling jars with jelly beans, robin eggs, and candies carrying the Easter theme colors. The jar can then be tied with a ribbon for some extra decoration—full tutorial at Clean & Scentisible

Easter bunny mason jar craft
Source: Clean & Scentisible

4. Painted Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Ideal as a Centerpiece

If you are looking for the perfect centerpiece or corner piece decorations for your house, here is something you will love. You can use this tutorial to guide you through the process. Full tutorial at The Golden Sycamore

Source: The Golden Sycamore

5. Mason Jar Easter Crafts: Speckled Egg Painted Jars

This decoration uses chalk paint, giving a perfect vintage look for the Mason jars fit for Easter decoration. This look looks ideal for the farmhouses but is not limited to them. See more on home road

DIY Easter Mason Jars
Source: Home road

6. Polka Dot Mason Jar

The polka dot never goes out of style despite the occasion, all that is needed is some creativity. The jars can be painted with polka dots and used for holding things such as the Easter tree. 

Polka dot mason jars for Easter
Source: Fun Crafts Kids

7. Painted Bunny Mason Jars

This is extremely easy since all you have to do is paint mason jars in the color that you want. You can use this to hold candles and flowers among other things.  See how Crafts by Amanda did it. 

8. Mason jar Easter Chick

The Easter chick decoration can be made on the mason jars and used to hold treats for kids just like an Easter basket. 

Mason jar crafts for Easter
Source: Shaken together

9. Mason Jar Easter Crafts: Easter Tree Planter

This is perfect to hold your Easter tree.  This will help to add some charm to your house.  You can then decorate your tree as you wish.  

Source: DIY & Crafts

10. Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

You Can’t Resist!

This is a perfect craft for an Easter dinner desserts holder. The cakes are perfectly fit in the mason jars.  See how at the picket fence did it.

Source: at the picket fence

11. Easy Mason Jar Spring Centerpiece

Doubles as a dining table centerpiece

The advantage of this craft is that it also acts as a centerpiece for your dining table. The mason jars can be used as vases with some decorations either inside them or on the outer surface. They can be wrapped with paper doilies and then stuffed with some flowers like tulips. 

Spring Centerpiece
Source: Yellow Bliss Road

12. Easter Bunny Jar Treat

The most outstanding thing about this is the rabbit ears used as part of the decoration. They can be used as your Easter decor piece or gift to someone. Full tutorial at Icing Designs.  

Bunny Ears Easter Decoration
Source: Icing Designs

13. DIY Bunny Munch Mason Jars

Easter Bunny Mason Jar Crafts

You have to add this to your mason jar  Easter crafts.  These bunny mason jars are filled with bunny munch, that is, mini marshmallows, white chocolate popcorn.  These make a very good Easter gift. Tutorial Icing Design

Bunny Jar Easter Decorations

14. Carrot Inspired Mason Jar Décor

Easter Bunny Mason Jar Craft

The Easter bunny and carrots are a central Easter theme, and from this, the carrot-inspired mason jars idea was found. The jars are painted orange for the carrot color and the lids green for the green leaves. tutorial at tauni +Co.

Source: tauni+ Co

15. Mason Jar Easter Crafts: Carrot Mason Jar Centerpiece

Screams Spring because of the colors

To add to the list of mason jars Easter crafts is this super easy decoration. It involves simply putting some carrots in the jars and adding some colorful flower decorations on top. The jars are then put together in a wire crate and put in the middle of the dinner table. Full tutorial at  Kaleidoscope of colors. 

Centerpiece Decor
Source: Kaleidoscope of colors

16. Spray Painted Mason Jar Planters

These are very easy to make and you can use them as planters or as flower vases.  You only need mason jars and your favorite springy colors. Full tutorial at the CSI project. 

Mason Jar Easter Centerpieces
Source: the CSI project

17. Spring Mason Jar Vase

These are definitely a good way to welcome spring.  These just scream spring You can use them to hold your flowers.  Full tutorial at dwelling in happiness.

Easter Mason Jar Vases
Source: dwelling in hapiness

18. Easter Bunny Jar Cupcakes

You can’t resist this Easter Bunny Mason Jar Craft!

This awesome and easy cupcake idea involves smaller jars. Just a bonus tip, just bake the cupcakes in the jars to maintain the moisture and avoid being messy. Full tutorial at SPRINKLE SOME FUN

Creative Mason Jar Craft
Source: Sprinkle Some Fun

19. Easter M&M Cookie Jar Mix

This mason jar Easter Craft is must-try this season. Cookies are perfect for any celebration and for Easter, they can be baked in different colors. They are then stuffed in the jars which will result in a perfect Easter cookie jar mix. Full tutorial at The Frugal Girls.com 

M&M Cookie Mix in a mason Jar

20. Easter Drinking Jars

Cute Easter Drinking Jars

This might seem complicated at first but following the tutorial will ease things over. The jars can be used as drinking jars and with some decoration they become the perfect Easter drinking jar. Full tutorial at UNCOMMON designs. 

Simple Spring Mason Jar Craft

21. Free Printable mason jar labels

Easy to make Craft

Such an easy mason jar craft for Easter.  All you need for this DIY is the printable label and then you stick it to your mason jars.  Labels and tutorial at UNCOMMON designs. 

Source: UNCOMMON designs

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