21 Easter Game Ideas You Will Love

by Carole John

Easter Game Ideas you will really love

We have compiled 21 Easter game ideas that you will definitely love. You are guaranteed to find one that you like on the list.

1. The Easter Egg Roll Activity

Easter Game Ideas: The Easter Egg Roll Activity

The Easter egg roll activity is a game that the whole family can enjoy as it is exciting and fun. The game requires you to get boiled eggs that the family members decorate as certain characters, such as animals, wacky faces, or others of your liking. The members then stand on top of a hill or steep ground and roll the eggs down the hill. The winners are those whose eggs go down the furthest on a straight line. See more about the game on RedTedArt. 

2. Spring Showers

Spring showers are a fun game where members divide into different teams. The teams involve different family members depending on the size of the family; in most cases, two groups are enough. In each group, one member puts a shower cap on and puts whipped cream on it. The rest of the team members throw Cheetos on the shower cap, and the team with the most Cheetos wins the game.

3. Easter Games Ideas: Egg Walk

Easter Egg Games 

Nothing is as much fun as the egg walk during Easter family gatherings. This game involves having each member of the family place eggs on a spoon and walk a certain distance without dropping them from start to finish. Whoever completes the distance without dropping the eggs wins the game.

Easter Games Ideas
Source: WikiHow

4. Water Balloon "Egg" Toss

Easter Game: Water Balloon “Egg” Toss

The family members will get balloons of different colors and fill each balloon with water. Then they will play as a pair throwing the balloons back and forth until one of the pair pops the balloon. The team that pops the balloon is out and the last team left wins the game.

Easter Games Water Balloon Toss
Source: Desperate Men

5. Giant Jenga

Easter Game Ideas: Giant Jenga

Jenga is a fun game that can be enjoyed by both the young and the old. Get the colorful Jenga blocks and stack them up to play. Family members will take turns in removing blocks from the stalk while trying not to knock them down. The one who knocks it down becomes the loser and is required to stack it up again to begin another game. 

Source: Simply The Best Events

6. Jelly Beans Guessing Games

Get some Jelly Beans 

Family members are required to each have a container with jelly beans, and they all get together. Each member is asked to guess the number of jelly beans in the container, with the one with the closest guess to the actual number winning the jelly beans in the container. This game is fun and keeps the family members entertained for a lengthy period.

Source: WikiHow

7. The Spoon and Egg Race

You drop the egg you lose

Each participant will place a spoon in their mouth and place an egg before beginning a race. The game requires that you balance the egg and avoid dropping it from start to finish of the race. The person who finishes with the egg still intact on the spoon wins the round. You can play the game with many participants so everyone can join in the game.  See WikiHow on how to have an egg race. 

8. Egg Tapping Easter Game

The key is to keep your egg from cracking: Easter Game Ideas

It’s a simple and fun game that keeps the whole family entertained. The egg tapping game involves two players, each with a boiled egg in their hand. One player holds the egg while the other taps their egg against it, trying to crack it. The one who cracks the egg without breaking theirs becomes the winner of the game.

Easter Crafts for Kids
Source: Good Housekeeping

9. Create Easter Crafts

Plan for Easter Crafts 

Creating Easter crafts is fun, especially when you involve the kids in the decorations and crafting. The crafts include simple items such as bunny ears, egg maracas, egg cartoon ducklings, and Easter bunny masks. Let each family member be creative about their craft and get together to share memories and stories. 

10. Easter Game Ideas: Decorate a Favorite Easter Quote

Collect some Easter Quotes 

If you are having an indoor gathering, this is a great game as it allows everyone to participate and enjoy. The game involves each member selecting their favorite quote from a series of Easter quotes. They are then required to decorate and illustrate the quote and a card and can choose to send to a family member. Check out some Easter quotes at Countryliving.com

Source: Real Simple

11. Dye Easter Eggs

This Easter, dye the eggs with your family and skip buying the already dyed eggs. This activity is fun and gives family members time to bond and engage in conversations about Easter and other issues.

12. Capture the Egg

Easter Game of capturing the egg

To play this game, get eight eggs, with four eggs of one color and the other four of a different color. The game will be played by teams of two, each team selecting a color and standing next to the eggs of their chosen color. Then they will try and get the eggs from the other team without being tagged. Those who get tagged are out of the game, while the team that gets all the four eggs from the other team wins the game.

Source: Bunnies By the Bay

13. Bunny Hop Sack Race

You are going to love this one!

Get the bunny hop potato sacks and prepare for the endless fun. This game includes both the children and adults, where each participant puts both feet in the potato sack and races over a particular distance. The game is very competitive, and this makes it very fun.

14. Mega Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter egg hunt is a classic Easter game involving children and adults. Scatter eggs in different places to keep the participants engaged and in a race to find them and win the prize.

Egg Tossing Easy Easter Game
Source: Pinterest

15.Easter Game Ideas: Egg Tossing

Egg Tossing

Egg tossing is a fun game for family members. You will need to divide the players into pairs and provide them with raw eggs. They will stand at an equal distance and the pairs start tossing the egg ensuring it doesn’t break or fall. The pair that breaks the egg is out of the game.

16. Soda Bottle Ring Toss

This is a fun game that the whole family can enjoy. Get soda bottles, a table and plastic rings. Place the bottles on the table and mark the ground where each participant will stand while tossing the rings. The player who lands the most rings on the neck of the bottle wins the game

17. Easter Egg Bowling

Egg Bowling for Easter 

Get one white boiled egg and several colored eggs used to play. The game is played on a flat smooth surface. Place the white egg 10 feet away from the bowlers and let each player pick a different colored egg. The players will roll their eggs towards the white egg. The player whose egg goes closest to the white egg wins the round.

18. Easter Game Ideas: The Jelly Bean Scoop Game

To win, be the first with an empty bowl

This is a fun Easter game to play with your kids. Get a bowl filled with jelly beans, an empty bowl, and a spoon. Each player will place a spoon in their mouth and scoop the jelly beans, moving them to the empty bowl. The player who will be the first to empty the bowl is the winner.

Source: Kid Friendly Things To Do

19. The Carrot in the Basket Game

Divide the family members into two. The teams will be given a big basket and carrots, which they will toss into the empty baskets. The team with the most carrots in their basket wins the game.

20. Rabbit Ears Ring Toss

Tip of the game: Get most of the rings

In this game, you will provide the members with rabbit ears and rings. One participant will put on the rabbit ears while other team members toss rings in the rabbit ears. The participant that gets in the most rings wins the game.

21. Easter Game Ideas: Egg Dance

Let’s Egg Dance!

The egg dance involves placing a few eggs on the ground, depending on the number of participants. The players are blindfolded and asked to dance among the eggs without breaking them. The player who breaks the least number of eggs wins the game.

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