25 Easter Egg Decoration Ideas You Will Love

by Carole John

1. 15 Minute Dollar Tree Easter Wreath

Simple Easter Egg Decoration

This simple Easter egg decoration uses plastic egg to make the wreath. It uses a colored tulle or a decorative mesh, Easer plastic eggs, and glue. The decorative mesh is stiff compared to the tulle which makes a better and firm wreath. Eggs are then stuck up using the glue. Full tutorial at Socal Fields Trips

Decorating Ideas for Easter
Socal Fields Trips

2.Easter Egg Decoration: Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Tie and Dye

This decoration can be a little messy if kids are involved, but what fun is there making it without them? They are easy to make since only vinegar, coffee filters, boiled eggs, and food coloring are mainly needed to make these eggs. A quick tip on this tutorial is that the more vinegar the darker the color. Full tutorial at The Joys of  Boys. 

Easter Egg Decoration
Source: The Joys of Boys

3. Easter Dinosaur Eggs

Further, this is a simple decoration that is fun to make with the kids. These dinosaur eggs need hard boiled eggs with the shells still on. Cracks are made without removing them and then they are put in cups with different colors and then refrigerated overnight. The shells are then removed leaving the eggs with beautiful patterns giving them the dinosaur egg look. Full tutorial at The Joys of Boys.

Easter Egg Decor Ideas
Source: The Joys of Boys

4 Easter Egg Decoration: Buttons and Lace Easter Eggs

These button and lace Easter eggs are easy to make and they will end up giving quite an amazing look. You can add that speckled look if you wish or paint them in different colors. Be creative with them to get the look and feel you want for the Easter celebration. Full tutorial at Flamingo Toes. 

Decorated Easter Egg Ideas
Source: Flamingo Toes

5. Rainbow Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decoration

These rainbow Easter eggs are super easy to make with bright colors that will make perfect decorations. They use vinegar where the more vinegar the darker the color so the vinegar might be toned down to just fit the egg and then add food color for different egg rainbow colors. Full tutorial at NO. 2 PENCIL. 

Easter egg decorating ideas
Source: NO.2 PENCIL

6. Glitter Dipped Easter Eggs

These eggs are papier-Mache and therefore can result to lasting decorations. Most kids love glitters and this can be a fun way of spending time with them. The eggs can be painted in different color and glittered half way. Also, you can be creative and fully glitter one egg as the center piece. Full tutorial at create CRAFT love. 

Easter Egg Decoration
Source: create CRAFT love

7. Chalkboard Easter Eggs

Ideas for decorating Easter Eggs

To add on the list of Easter egg decoration ideas are these decorations made on wooden eggs using chalkboard paint. They are messy but how are kid related memories created if not having those messed up clothes and hands, and a little paint on their skin. These are easy and fun to make and allows kids to be creative. Full tutorial at ginger snap crafts. 

Ideas to decorate Easter egg
Source: ginger snap crafts

8. Kids Craft: Decoupage Easter Eggs

Easter Kids Crafts

These are super easy and fun to make especially with the kids around. For these decoupage eggs, a thin layer of glue will work best and therefore, you can apply the glue for the kids. Also, a windy environment is not suitable since the tissue will be blown away easily making a mess. Full tutorial at my poppet. 

Source: my poppet

9. Hot Glue Easter Eggs

This decoration requires supervision if kids are involved due to the use of the hot glue. However, it makes perfectly decorated Easter eggs that will create quite a beautiful look.  For a stunning and appealing look, let the dye and glue dry before applying another layer. Full tutorial creative connections for kids.

Easter Eggs

10. Easter Egg Decoration: Easter Egg Bling

This tutorial is best done using Styrofoam eggs but hard-boiled eggs are also good to go. However, hard eggs will be destroyed when they are stuck up with wooden skewers so I still go for the Styrofoam eggs for an easier decoration and easy time doing the decoration. Also, Styrofoam will  last longer compared to hard-boiled eggs. Full tutorial at Landeelu

Easter Egg Decoration
Source: Landeelu

11. Marbled Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

These marbled eggs are super easy to make and quite decorative. They will give a perfect look with the different colors that will result to the marble look. Doing it with kids and working through the process together will be quite enjoyable. Full tutorial at Happiness is Homemade

Easter Eggs
Source: Happiness is Homemade

12. Decorative Easter Eggs

These decorative plastic eggs can come in handy during the egg hunt. They are a great idea to put in some little gifts in them for the kids to find. It is a great way to  encourage creativity  among kids. Glue is used to stick these up around the eggs resulting to stunning egg decorations. Full tutorial at Cynthia Banessa. 

Easter Egg Decoration
Source: Cynthia Banessa

13. Everyday Decorating-Easter Eggs

Decorating Ideas for Easter 

These easy to make eggs are simple to make and they are not messy. They require painting with acrylic paint first and then using white out pen to doodle over them. This is a simple way of involving the kids in decoration by allowing them to use their creativity in drawing over the eggs. Full tutorial at Alisa Burke.

Source: Alisa Burke

14. Fuzzy Easter Eggs

These fuzzy Easter eggs are easy to make using chenille pipe cleaners. It requires some sort of care and keenness making them otherwise you will end up with eggs that cannot fully close. Also, plastic Easter eggs work perfectly for this decoration. Full tutorial at pajama crafters. 

Ideas to decorate Easter eggs
Source: pajama crafters

15. Easter Egg Decoration: Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

The melted crayon Easter eggs are easy to make and will give you a colorful decoration. It can give you that galaxy decoration where the egg is painted in a dark shade and then with different specks of melted crayon. However, care should be taken making sure that the hot eggs and melting wax does not injure kids or yourself. Full tutorial at Housing A Forest

Ideas to decorate eggs

16. Googly Eye Easter Eggs

These eggs will be a fun way to keep the kids busy and having fun at the same time. The googly eyes on the eggs will bring out all the fun not only for the kids but you also due to the different egg faces that will be made. Full tutorial at Oh Happy Day

Egg Decorating
Source: Oh Happy Day

17. Mosaic Easter Eggs

Decorated Easter Egg Ideas

Mosaic decorations are usually one of the creative arts there is and being creative using this art in Easter eggs is quite interesting. The process is a bit tedious but the results will leave you feeling like the new art master in town. Full tutorial at Sugar and Charm

Source: Sugar and Charm

18. Easter Egg Decoration: DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

These eggs are super fun to make and they can use papier Mache eggs or hard-boiled eggs. If they are to be eaten afterwards, they need to be made in a cleaner environment and using edible marker and food color. In case,  they are for decoration only, test the painting skills and paint those emoji faces. Full tutorial at Studio DIY.

Source: Studio DIY

19. Kool Aid Dyed Easter Eggs

To add on to the the list of Easter egg decorations  are these Kool Aid dyed eggs which are super easy to make and creative to complete. The coloring part allows for creativity and instead of having one color on the egg, you can opt to paint it different ones. You are the driver here and you are allowed to be as creative as you wish. Full tutorial at ONE CRACY MOM. 

Dyed Easter Eggs

20. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

This shaving cream can come in handy if it is a last minute set up and you have no paint with you or the shaving cream has been lying around for quite some time. These eggs painted with shaving cream will also give a marble look easily depending on whether the cream is of different color. Full tutorial at ONE CRAZY MOM.


21. Tissue Paper Easter Eggs

Ideas to decorate Easter egg

You have got to try this egg Easter decoration idea.  These eggs are super easy to make as they are easy to decorate with different colored tissue paper. Plastic eggs are easier to decorate compared to hard-boiled eggs but the choice is yours. You can use decorated tissue or use plain tissue paper and decorate it yourself. Full tutorial at Sweeter than Sweeter. 

Easter Eggs
Source: Sweeter than Sweeter

22. Color Block Easter Eggs

Ideas for Egg Decorating

These color block eggs need creativity and the kids can be handy in making them. The color blocks can be made of different shapes and then painted. Another idea can be adding glitters to some blocks. Full tutorial at FRUGAL MOM EH. 


Easter Egg Decoration
Source: Frugal Mom Eh

23. Easter Egg Decoration: Vegetable Scraps Dyed Easter Eggs

Did you know that vegetable scraps can be used to decorate Easter eggs? Well, this tutorial shows you how to use vegetable scraps to decorate the Easter eggs. Washi tapes can be used to make different patterns by cutting them out into the different designs that will be displayed on the egg. Full tutorial at FOOD52.

Easter Egg Decoration
Source: FOOD52

24. Glittered Easter Eggs with Mod Podge

Easter Egg Decoration

These eggs make quite an appealing statement and they are easy and super fun to make. However, they need some sort of keenness while making them when making the hot glued ribbon trim if the kids are involved. Full tutorial at Plaid Online. 

Source: Plaid Online

25. DIY Easter Eggs Decorated with Yarn

Finally, this yarn decorated Easter eggs can be an all-time decoration other than the Easter season. They are quite colorful and super easy to make when you get the hang of it. If it is the first time and the kids are involved then expect some glued hands from your kids. Full tutorial at FiberArtsy & Craftsy. 

Easter Egg Decoration

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