How to start a profitable blog in 2024

How to start a profitable blog in 2024 and earn more than 10,000 /mo

by Carole John

How to Start a profitable blog

My guess is that you are here because you want to learn how to start a profitable blog. You have probably seen many blogs and wished you could start one or even watched testimonials from people who have succeeded in their blogging journey.  You have come to the right place since I will guide you on how to get started step by step.  I started my blog with little information but learned a lot during the journey. 

In this article, I’ll provide a beginner’s guide with simple steps to make money blogging. 

1. Find your Niche

How to start a blog in 2024

Your niche is the general topic that you will be focusing on in your blog; for instance, you can choose to focus on lifestyle, fitness, or money matters, but the list is endless.  While you can write on more than one topic, it is important to make sure that your main focus is consistent and that you are able to draw readers in. Also, it should encourage them to read and keep coming back to read your articles. 

Some of the blogging niches that do well include;

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Food
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Gardening. 

There are a lot of posts and YouTube channels that dive deeper into the most profitable blogging niches. Such as Themeisle and Anastasia Blogger.

2. Conduct a Competitor Research

Now that you have chosen your niche, you must conduct background research. This helps you to understand what others are writing in the same niche. You can also gauge whether it is a field you can keep writing about when your motivation decreases. You can also identify your competitors and learn what they are writing about. 

For instance, if you search gardening sites, you will insert the same information on Google and open blogs that will pop up. This will give you an idea of what others in the same niche are doing. 

Starting a profitable blog

3. Define your Audience

Starting a blog in 2024

It is paramount that you have a good understanding of your audience. Understand what your audience wants. This will guide you on what to write. This is one way of increasing the success rate of your blog. When you understand what your audience wants, you will be able to write content that will keep your audience coming back for more. 

4. Choose a name for your blog

The next step is for you to choose a name and get online.  Your name should reflect the niche that you have chosen. While this is not a must, it is an added advantage. The audience will be able to know what your blog is all about before perusing through.

It is vital that you check the availability of your name before moving forward. There are numerous sites online where you can check the availability of the name; for instance, Bluehost, GoDaddy and Namecheap.

5. Domain Name

After you have chosen a name, it is time to choose a domain name. Again, you have to check whether the domain name you want is available.  You do this by typing it on your browser and seeing if a similar site will pop up.  Once you establish that the domain name is available, you purchase to claim its rights. 

One of the places to check whether your domain name is available and to buy the same is Bluehost. 

Profitable blog

6. Choosing a Hosting Site

Choosing your hosting is an essential step in setting up your blog.  Hosting is vital because, without hosting, it is impossible to build a website. In simpler words hosting is your rent for online presence. 

There are numerous platforms that can host your blog for free.  However, for this, these hosting will add their name to your hosting, for instance, “”. In order to remove this, you have to pay for hosting.  

Depending on who you choose to host you, this can be as little as $20. Here is a list of web hosting services that you can choose from.

Bluehost is one of the places where you can host your blog and there are several packages to choose from. 

how to start a blog

7. Designing your blog

How to start a profitable blog in 2024

Having chosen your hosting, it is time to design your blog. This entails getting a theme. You decide to purchase a theme or use the free ones.  Your readers need to see that you put effort into the way your blog looks. Designing your blog also entails creating the main pages of what you will be using, that is, the basic information and the other categories you will have. Once you have worked on the layout of your blog, it is time to move on to the next step. 

There are numerous places where you can buy your theme. For instance, ThemeForest has numerous themes to choose from. They are classified into categories such as Blog/Magazine and eCommerce. 


8. Publish your first article

Now that you are all set, it is time to publish your first post.  When working on the post, remember it is important to be consistent.  But do not just push out a lot of content without being mindful of the quality.  In this case, QUALITY supersedes QUANTITY. It is better to have 5 posts that are well written than 10 posts that are full of grammatical mistakes and are not SEO optimized. 

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