Bathroom Decor Ideas you will love

by Carole John
Bathroom Decor Ideas

17 Bathroom Decor Ideas You Will Love

Once now and then, we get the need for a change. Especially if we have lived in our houses for a long, we may start to crave something new. In some cases, moving is not always an option; we have to work with what we have. We have compiled some bathroom decor ideas that you will love. These are all inexpensive and easy to execute. They will have you appreciating your spaces and loving them again.

1. Use wallpapers

Wallpapers are one way of transforming your bathroom. There are plenty of wallpapers to choose from that you can use to revamp your bathroom. It depends on your taste. Again, you can put the wallpaper on one wall or the entire bathroom. Here are some bathrooms with wallpapers. 

Bathroom decor idea using wallpaper
Source: the Jess Style
Small bathroom decor idea using wallpaper

2. Use Plants

How about adding plants as part of your bathroom decor ideas? Plants are also an inexpensive way to decorate your bathroom. They help add color and hide things that you do not want to see, such as pipes or shelves. It is important to choose low-maintenance plants to make sure they last longer and do not die off. It is important not to overdo it so that the bathroom does not look cluttered. Here are some examples

Plant decor idea
Little House of Four

3. Accent walls Bathroom decor ideas

Accent walls make the bathroom stand out. They are one of the most common bathroom decor ideas of all time. You can achieve this by painting one wall or using wallpaper. This becomes what people see when they get in the bathroom first.

Accent wall bathroom decor ideas
Source: Hometalk Highlights
Easy bathroom decor idea of an accent wall
Source: Modern Masters

4. Wall Art Bathroom Decor Ideas

Wall art will help to transform your bathroom easily.  This is simple and effortless. However, it is important to choose the best place to position the mirror. 

Wall art bathroom decor ideas
Source: Little House of Four
Inexpensive bathroom decor ideas of wall art
Source: Etsy

Bathroom Decor Idea

5. Mounting floating shelves

This decorating tip will not only have your bathroom looking good but will also help to add more storage space. For instance, if you have limited space, it will help to work with vertical space. Shelves will help you to keep your bathrooms organized. For instance, you can place your clean towels for your guests to pick up. 

Floating shelves bathroom decor ideas
Source: Rikki Snyder
Inexpensive bathroom decor idea
Source: REMODELaholic

6. Play with texture

This is a highly underutilized decor idea.  You can mix your textiles and textures to achieve an upgraded look, for instance, the shower curtain and a woven rug. 

Using texture as a bathroom decor
Source; Esteban Cortez

8. Use Mirrors

Mirrors are great for the bathroom. They make a small room look bigger when placed in the right place. They will therefore transform the bathroom. Mirrors are also great for brightening the room and making it look big.

Mirrors bathroom decor idea
Source: tileclub

9. Hide Pipes

If you have so many exposed pipes, it can make the place look ugly or cluttered. Consider hiding the pipes with some greenery or a basket. 

Hide ugly pipes with plants
Source: Esteban Cortez

Bathroom Decor idea

10. Hanging storage bathroom decor idea

This is ideal for those with limited spaces. They not only help your room to look good, but they also add more storage spaces. You can also use them to display some of your decor items. 

Vertical storage bathroom decor idea
Source: Etsy
Easy hanging storage bathroom decor idea
Source: lakeside

11. Tiled Treatment

This is another way of upgrading your bathroom. you can achieve this by using tiled towels and shower curtains among others. Also by add tiles to your walls. 

Using tiled items as a tiled idea
Credit: Maisa VItale

12. Floor stickers bathroom decor idea

Floor stickers are inexpensive, and they will help transform your bathroom, giving it a modern look. These are easy to put, and they can be removed with ease.

Bathroom decor idea to transform your space
Source: the honeycomb HOME

13. Replace the faucets

Upgrading the faucets in your bathroom will also help to give your space a new modern look. Target the faucets used on a daily basis. 

Source: Jenny Stanley

14. Use freestanding furniture

Using freestanding furniture helps to maximize the bathroom space without it losing its style. It is important to have furniture that can easily move around since you are able to create more space when you want. 

Freestanding furniture decor idea
Freestanding Furniture for extra storage
Source: her track

15. Vanity Unit Bathroom Decor Ideas

You can switch your wall-mounted sink for a vanity unit. This normally comes with a cabinet attached to the sink. These are ideal for small spaces and they also help to add storage space.

Vanity Unit bathroom decor idea
Source: hertrack
Easy bathroom decor idea -vanity unit
Source: hertrack

16. Utilize the space above the toilet

This is one of the areas that is normally neglected while it can be used for extra space—adding some shelves and placing things like towels. 

Above the toilet decor idea
Source: futuristarchitecture
Floating shelves, Cheap decorating idea
Source: Jenny Stanley

17. Curved Curtain rod

A curved curtain rod will help to add more room as opposed to using a straight curtain rod. It will also give the bathroom a sleek look. 

Curved curtain rod decor idea
Source: Jenny Stanley

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