23 Cute Easter Nail Designs to Try This Year

by Carole John

Cute Easter Nail Designs

Easter Inspired Nails

We have entered spring which means it’s time to do away with the winter nail designs.  These Easter nail designs are so cute that you will want to have them on all throughout spring.  There is a lot more that comes into mind when I hear Easter, for instance, bunnies and a lot of colors. 

Bunny Easter Nail Designs

It is not Easter without bunnies, that wins bunny first place on our list. How cute are these nail designs? You can choose to keep it minimalist or go all the way. Either way, the nails still scream Easter. We love them!

Bunny Easter Nail Design
Source : @queensspaandtanning on IG
Source: @neelamz_nailsbeauty on IG

Mini Egg Easter Nail designs

Easter Egg Nail Ideas

I just have one word for this design cute!  They are not only cute but beautiful too. It is something that you can carry through the entire spring. You can also play with the shape of the nail, to fit your preference. 

Easter Nail Design
Source: @hubbardslittlespacupboard on IG
Mini Egg Easter Nail Design
Source: @thenaildesk_ on IG

Egg Hunt Easter Nail Design

You’ve got to add this to your Easter Nail designs ideas. When I hear of an egg hunt, what comes to my mind is Easter. I am certain it is the same thing for most people. So why not make a statement with this design?

Egg hunt Easter Nail Art
Source: @allwaspolished on IG

Pastel Easter Design

Yees! Pastel for Easter Nails

You can never go wrong with pastel. This is one nail design that you can wear throughout the year leave alone Easter. And make it good is that there are a number of pastel colors that you can choose from.  Below are some that I really love and I find perfect for Easter and Spring seasons. 

Pastel Nail Design
Source: @mandysnailvibe on IG
Cute Pastel Easter Nails
Source:third_eye_beauty_studio on IG

Red Easter Nail Designs

Red is a color that never goes out of style. It is a color that you can wear throughout the year. Here are some ideas to try this Easter and make a bold statement. 

Red Nail Design Easter
Source: @ glamnailsbyjayy on IG
Red Spring Easter Nails
Source: @katerina_nai1s on IG

Ombre Nail design

What I love most about this design is its uniqueness.  This design can also suit anyone. They have become a go-to for most young women who are up to date with beauty, nail &makeup trends.  See more Ombre Nails at Tattooed Martha

Easter Ombre Nail Design
Source: Tattoed Martha
Pink Ombre for Easter
Source: Tattoedmartha

Floral Nails

Spring Easter Nail Designs

Spring just screams floral. These are perfect for Easter. You can choose to put them on all fingers or different fingernails. 

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Springtime Greens

In case florals aren’t for you here is something you can try. How about these cute springtime Greens? Spring Easter nail designs can’t get any better than this. 

Spring Nails
Source: Oprah Daily

Bunny Half Moon Design

You can DIY this cute Easter nail design or buy stickers that will make your work easy. 


Pink Easter nail designs

Pink looks so great on nails. You can choose to do a full pink look or use different colors for some fingers. 

Pink Spring Easter Nail Design
Source: Pinterest
Source: StayGlam

Pastel Colorblock Manicure

Cute Easter Nail Ideas

This is achieved by working with two pastel hues. How cute are they? Definitely Easter Inspired nails. 

Spring color blocking manicure
Source; chalkboardnails
Patel color blocking Easter Inspired Nails
Source: Marine Loves Polish

Easter Nail Designs: Tulip Art

I like how Woman’s day put it “Why wait for the flowers to blossom when you can design your nails to resemble blooming tulips instead?” I agree these spring Easter nail designs are beyond cute. 

Spring Easter Inspired Nail Art
Source: Chalk Board Nails

Polka Dot Design

Polka dot never goes out of style. This can be worn throughout the year and that is why we added it to our list of Easter Nails 2022. You have got to try this design, this spring. 

Polka Dot Nails for Easter
Source: @pamprdsoul on IG
Polka Dot Nail Design for Easter
Source: @ jenn_is_a_pressaholicnz on IG

Red French Nail Design

If you are looking to add a twist to your french manicure this is for you. This design is just perfect for spring because of how vibrant it is. 

Red French Spring Nails
Source: @ esthetic_nailandlashes on IG
Source: Refinery29

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