35 Bathroom Storage Ideas that you will love

by Carole John

1. Hidden Hair Styling Vanity Compartment

Bathroom Storage Ideas

We share some Bathroom Storage Ideas that you will like for their simplicity. 

How and where are you storing your hair gadgets and products.  This hidden hairstyling vanity compartment will keep your surfaces clean and tidy.  It is also something that you can DIY. 

see how the IDEA ROOM did it

Bathroom Storage Ideas

2. Rustic DIY Sisal Rope Towel Tote

This is a totally do it yourself storage idea and the good thing about it is that it is easy to make. It can be used to store the towel if hanging them is not convenient for the bathroom space. Full tutorial at Anderson + Grant 

3. Magnetic Strip Organizers for Tiny Bathroom Essentials

DIY Bathroom Storage Idea

Something funny about small essentials like nail clippers, tweezers, and bobby pins among others is that you never find them when you need them and you can spend hours searching.  This is a great idea of storing them because it is not only easier to store them but also they can easily be found. Full tutorial at 2-Minute Bathroom Organization. 

Bathroom Organization Ideas
Source: 2-Minute Bathroom Organization

4.DIY Towel Hooks from Old Curtain Tie Backs (15 Minute Project)

Easy bathroom storage ideas

This project is super easy since all you need is the old curtain tie backs and there you have it, new towel hooks for the towels. Full tutorial at 2IY. 

Source: 2IY

5. Under-Sink Organizing Drawer Unit

Further, the under-sink space remains quite unused but think of using a few baskets as drawers to put different things and you will end up with a neat and organized storage space. Full tutorial at The Kim Six Fix. 

Source: The Kim Six Fix

6. Custom Painted Mason Jar Toothbrush Storage

Mason jar! That’s right. One of the simplest and easy storage idea since it just requires several mason jars painted and hang on the wall to hold toothbrushes. Full tutorial at gathered in the KITCHEN. 

7. Narrow Sink-Side Toilet Paper Caddy

Easy bathroom storage ideas

This little sink-side toilet paper caddy comes in as a storage space idea. One of the nightmares is having toilet paper fall in the toilet bowl, and you are left wishing you had closed the lid or had better storage—full tutorial at homedit. 

Small Bathroom Storage
Source: homedit

8. Tiered Hanging Storage Buckets

The tiered hanging storage is perfect when you want to keep things close and tidy. For example, one bucket can store combs, the next brushes, and the next hairdryer and so on. Full tutorial at Glamour. 

Storage ideas for small bathrooms
Source: Glamour

9.Bathroom Organization Mason Jars

Mason Jars Bathroom Storage Ideas

Mason jars can be used to store small and simple things such as earrings and other jewelry. Full tutorial at Chica Circle

Source: Chica Circle

10. Nautical-Inspired Stained Wood Shelving

Bathroom Storage Ideas

The simple basics of shelves can be used for these shelves. The shelves are made from wood and can be used to store different things. Full tutorial at Organized-ish

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas
Source: Organized-ish

11. Upcycled Candles Jars Turned Vanity Canisters

To add on the list are these reused candle jars that will add more neat storage space for the bathroom. Full tutorial at More to Mrs E

Source: More to Mrs E

12. Five Dollar Drawer Organizing Makeover

Once now and then we may find ourselves with a disorganized drawer, having bins is key to having an organized drawer. it also makes it easy to group items together.

See how LZ Cathcart. 


Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom
Source: LZ Cathcart

13. DIY Towel Rack with a Shelf

Bathroom Storage Ideas

The idea is based on having a shelf and a towel holder together rather than a towel holder alone and a shelf alone—a full tutorial at dwelling in HAPPINESS. 

bathroom storage ideas
Source: dwelling in HAPPINESS

14. Bathroom Shelving DIY

Shelves are one way of adding storage in the bathroom.  These can be used to hold your body care products, towels and decor items among others. They will also help to keep your space organized.  You can choose to DIY the shelves or buy them. 

Bathroom Storage Ideas Shelves
Source: At the walker house

15. Spa-Style Glass Toiletry Holders

This will have your bathroom looking so classy and elegant.  I am a huge fan of acrylic storage containers. You can store earbuds, floss and cotton pads among others. 

Bathroom Storage and Organization

16. Easy to Clean Magnetic Toothbrush Strip

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Toothbrushes are one of the things that we end up forgetting. It is also one of the things that will collect so much dust if wrongly stored, which is unhygienic.  You can try this magnetic toothbrush strip. This will help to air dry your toothbrushes and keep them organized. 

Bathroom Storage Ideas For Small Spaces
Source: family handyman

Bathroom Storage Ideas: 17. Hanging Towel Rack Basket Organizers

If you are working with very minimal space consider utilizing your vertical space. These baskets will help in holding extra items or towels.  They are also an easy DIY project that you can engage in. 

Vertical Bathroom Storage Ideas
Source: Simply DIY 2

18. DIY Recessed Medicine Cabinet with Artwork Door

These cabinets are so beautiful and can be used to store a lot of things. Again it is something that you can DIY and you do not have to spend so much money on them.  The artwork on the door makes the cabinet so beautiful and disguises it too. 

19. Whitewashed Storage Shelving Unit from Wooden Crates

Here you are going to use crates to make a shelving unit. This shelving unit is going to help in holding many of your items, for instance, towels and cleaning supplies. This is one of the bathroom storage ideas that you can DIY.  

Source: Home & Family

20. Bathroom Storage Ideas: Low Profile Shelves for DIY Bathroom Storage

Ever wondered how supermarket shelves store so much yet the space is not that big? Here you have it! These simple shelves will hold nail polish, hair products, and other simple body products. Full guide at Domestically Speaking

21. Upcycled Copper Cup Makeup Brush Organizers

Moreover, these copper cups can be used to hold makeup brushes and keep them neat and organized. Full guide on A Beautiful Mess. 

Makeup Brushes Storage
Source: A beautiful Mess

22. Cottage Chic Earring and Bracelet Displays

DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

This simple and easy display is made out of chicken mesh wire and creates quite some storage space for earrings and bracelets. Full guide at Bless’er House. 

Bathroom Jewelry Organizer

23. Quick and Easy Styling Tool Holsters

Hair tools might be tricky to store or eat up unnecessary space. However, this method can be used to have enough storage for the hair tools. Full guide at Girl Loves Glam

Bathroom Storage Ideas

24. Over-the-Door Storage Shelf

Bathroom Storage Ideas

With limited storage space, the door is just an option to hang towels and this guide is just perfect for that. See how the 2 seasons did it. 

Small bathroom storage ideas

25. Repurposed Glass Jar Organizers for Bathroom Essentials

You probably have some glass jars lying around your house, why not repurpose them and use them for storage. They also make beautiful storage.  You can store things like earbuds, cotton pads and floss among other things.

  Source: Her Happy Home

bathroom storage ideas diy
Source: Her Happy Home

26. Under the Bathroom Sink Storage Totes Organization

The under-sink space can be a great storage space and small storage things. Consider using bins to maximize the space.  You can store your cleaning products or extra shopping.  Source: Creating Mary’s Home


easy bathroom storage ideas

27. Bathroom Storage Ideas: Mesh Metal Bin for Hair Dryer Storage

Hairdryers are tricky to store since they have an additional cable. However, this mesh metal bin is quite a convenient storage space for hair dryers. The are also easy to grab when you need them. 

deas for bathroom storage
Source: Dream Green DIY

28. Modern Man’s Wooden Shaving Caddy

This is a very easy DIY project. This storage idea is perfect for small bathrooms where you have to utilize the vertical storage that you have. It has house things like mouth wash and toothpaste among others. 

29. Upcycled Farmho29 Bathroom Wall Storage

You cannot have enough shelves. Try these upcycled farmhouse bathroom shelves. They will not only act as storage but will be a decor item too. 

Bathroom Shelves

31. Chic Three Shutters Double Shelf

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Most people have suffered the pain of the bathing soap sliding right into the toilet bowl and it is quite irritating. This idea will help have storage space for the bathing soaps and the like. Full guide at Simplicity In the South.  

32. Natural Wood Shelf with Black Towel Holder

Moreover, this storage space acts like a backpack holder where things are securely held. This is a perfect idea for neat and simple storage space for the bathroom. Full guide at The Merry Thought. 

Source: The Merry Thought

33. Bathroom Storage Ideas: Two-Tone White and Natural Belly Basket

The bath toys can be quite tiring when it comes to storing them and especially when kids are involved. However, this is a convenient idea that can help with storage. Full tutorial at hello central avenue. 

DIY bath toy storage

34. Rectangular Natural Jute String Bathroom Basket

Bathroom Storage Ideas

This incredible idea by Elizabeth Joan might be what you are looking for, for the bathroom storage space. It is perfect for storing toilet papers and its flexibility allows it to be put up in different places in the bathroom.

Source: Elizabeth Joan Designs

35. Metal Mesh Wash Cloth Filing System

Last but not least is this metal mesh washcloth filing system whose slim nature can fit the small bathroom space but hold a lot more than the space could have possibly held. Full tutorial at Real Creative Real Organized. 

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