11 Clutter hotspots you need to tackle Immediately.

by Carole John

1. Kitchen Work Surfaces Clutter Hotspots

One of the cluttered places in the house is the kitchen work surfaces. This is because kitchens often have a lot of flat surfaces, and we are inclined to drop a lot of things there—for instance, keys, handbags, and newspapers, among other things.

There are several ways to declutter;

  • One is by ensuring every single item has its home. For instance, you have a place to keep your keys and handbags. 
  • Only keep things that you often use on your counter, for instance, your oils.
  • Make use of your cupboards or extra storage that you have. 
Clutter Hotspots
Source: declutterinminutes.com

2. Front of the Fridge

Clutter Hotspots

The fridge is also another item that can easily get cluttered. A lot of things get stuck on the front of the fridge and it becomes overwhelming to look at them. For instance, to-do lists, shopping lists, and kids’ artwork among other things.  It is these small things that add up and contribute to clutter. 

How to declutter

  • The first step of decluttering is to go through everything that is stuck there and do away with expired items. for instance coupons.
  • Secondly is to do away with unnecessary notes.
  • The third step is to file, for instance, you can have a folder dedicated to kid’s artwork.
  • The fourth and last thing is to make sure that everything staying looks good. For instance, straightening the papers. 
Clutter hotspots

3. Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are also another area that gets a lot of clutter. It is important to be keen when cleaning the medicine cabinets.

How to declutter

  • To begin with, take out everything and clean the space.
  • Secondly, check for any expired medicine and dispose of it correctly.
  • This is also a good time to note the meds that are used often in the house. 
Source: Camille Styles

4. The dinning table

The dining table is also a hotspot clutter area because a lot of things get dumped there. Similar to the kitchen counters, we are inclined to drop newspapers, keys, or even handbags when we get into the house. This with time amounts to clutter.  Here are a number of ways to tackle this space;

How to organize; 

  • Make use of storage pots or bowls. These are ideal to drop keys in them. 
  • Use hooks by the door or the entry. While not all houses come with a coat area installed we can make one by using hooks. 
Dinning table decluttering
Source: Iamaiconbelle.wordpress.com

5. Junk Drawers

Do you have a junk drawer in your house?  There is always that one drawer where all junk ends up, be it unopened mail or bills that need to be sorted.  It’s time to get that sorted.

Ways to declutter;

  • Start by taking out everything and cleaning the drawer.
  • Sort out everything and make a keep and discard batch. 
  • Make sure you put back the keep batch in an organized manner. 

Check out Sipsy Tips for a Junk Drawer Organization (step by step guide)

Clutter Hotspot Junk Drawer

6. Closets: Clutter Hotspots

This is another area that gets cluttered easily.  we end up taking out so many clothes when we are looking for something to wear. The closets get full so fast when we become hoarders and refuse to part with some items.

How to deal with closet clutter;

  •  Stop buying new clothes
  • Take out what is already there and divide it into two sections, to give and to decluter. You can decide to give away some of the clothes you do not wear or sell them. 
  • When putting the clothes you are keeping back to the closet, ensure that they are very well organized. 
Source: City of Creative Dreams

7. Dressing Table

Clutter Hotspot

The dressing on the table is also another clutter hotspot.  Even without knowing it, this area ends up cluttered, with a lot of jewelry and makeup that we are not even using.  We are often tempted to grab the buy one get one free deal in the supermarket. 

Ways to declutter;

  • The first thing is to go through all the products on the desk and do away with all the ones that are not in use.
  • Always go for a dressing table that has storage drawers.
Dressing Table Cluttered
Source: Constance Stewart

8. Bedside Table

This is yet another clutter hotspot that most people struggle with.  we bring a lot of things to the bed and place them at the bedside leaving them there. This also includes things that we use for our nighttime routine, be it lotion, or hand cream. They in may occasion end up at the bedside table. 

Ways to declutter;

  • Only place things that you use often on the bedside table.
  • Use trays- Trays have a way of making sure that everything is organized and also serve as decor. 
Clutter hotspots Bedside tables
Source: rockmystyle.co.uk

9. Garage

This is an area where most things get shoved waiting to be organized.  This is because the garage is a place that is not often seen by a lot of people.  It is easy therefore to get a lot of things that have been sitting there for a long time.

How to declutter;

  • The first thing is to declutter. This entails going through all the things that you have there and doing away with those that you do not need. 
  • Get creative in expanding your storage space. this can be done by installing shelves.  This will help to house more items in an organized manner. 
Organized Garage
Source: simplyorganized .me

10. Clutter Hotspot: Handbags

Handbags tend to get cluttered, such as receipts. medicine, coins pens, and keys among others.

How to declutter;

  • Start by emptying your bag and removing all the unnecessary things.
  • Repeat point one daily.
  • Use handbag organizers to help organize the handbag. 
Declutter handbags
Source: rankandstyle.com

11. Kitchen cupboards

Clutter Hotspots

kitchen cupboard  are another big clutter hotspots. They easily get cluttered with things such as expired spices, expired condiments, tote bags, and stale dry food among other things.

Ways to declutter

  • The first step is to take out all of the things in the cupboard.
  • Sort out the items and have a keep batch and discard batch, You can sort out the items by looking at the expiry date.
  • Consider an organization system that works well for you when putting things back.  For instance, making sure that things that are often used are easily accessible. 
Home clutter hotspot areas
Source: Hither & Thither

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