15 Best Side Dishes For Chicken That You Will Love

by Carole John

1. The Best Potato Salad Recipe

What best to go with a chicken dish that a potato salad?  You are really going to love this side dishes for chicken. This first one is ideal since it only requires minimal ingredients and it is super easy to make.  For this all you will need is green peppers, onions, eggs, salt, Hellman’s mayonnaise and pepper.  The key to this potato salad is making sure that everything has been diced into very small pieces. 

Get the full recipe at Shugary Sweets

Side dishes for chicken
Source: Shugary Sweet

2. The BEST Homemade Mashed Potatoes!

Side Dishes for Chicken

Mashed Potatoes is a favorite meal in most meals. This recipe will help you achieve a perfect outcome all the time. Creamy and on top of it flavorful.  They also go very well with Chicken.  The key ingredients are potatoes, kosher salt, unsalted butter, sour cream, whole milk, Dijon mustard, black pepper and parsley. 

Full recipe at BellyFull
Side dish for chicken
Source: BellyFull

3.Side Dishes for Chicken: Creamed Spinach

This is a very elegant side dish that is made with frozen spinach and heavy cream.  Spinach is a healthy dish that pairs well chicken and it is full of nutrients. 


You can get the full recipe at once upon a chef

Healthy Side Dishes for Chicken
Source: once upon a chef

4. Baked Sweet Potato

Side Dishes for Chicken

Sweet potatoes is one of the things that are very easy to make.  A good pairing for chicken or soup.  The recipe is simple since you just need to bake them in the oven for 40 to 50 minutes.  if you want the skin moist you can choose to cover them with a foil, but if you don’t leave them open and poke some holes on them. 

Full recipe at Love & Lemons

Healthy Chicken Side Dishes
Source: Love & Lemons

5. Side Dishes for Chicken: Corn Pudding

One of the most delicious puddings you have tasted. It is quick and very easy to make. It pairs well with most dishes. It is then a must have foe the holidays or even weeknight meals. It only takes 45 minutes to bake and 10 to mx everything up. 

Full recipe at Tastes of Lizzy T. 

Side Dishes for chicken thighs

6. Grilled Corn Salad

If you love corn you are definitely going to love this.  this is a bliss blend of grilled corn, fresh tomatoes, creamy avocado and peppery arugula. it is then topped with honey lime dressing. 


Full recipe at well planted

Side dish with corn
Source: well planted

7. Garlic Balsamic Mushrooms

Side Dishes for Chicken

This simple and easy to make side dish not only goes perfectly with chicken dishes but also steak and mashed potatoes. The soy balsamic sauce and garlic does the magic for this dish.  Good thing is it only takes minutes to be ready. 

Full recipe at The Recipe Critic

Side dish with mushroom
Source: The Recipe Critic

8. Side Dishes for chicken: Broccoli-Rice Casserole

This dish will easily win and get its way to your cookbook. The dish has a cheesy and creamy feel which will make a perfect side dish for any chicken dish. It is perfect for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and just any other dinner.

Full recipe at the kitchen is my playground. 

Source: the kitchen is my playground

9. 10 Minute Sugar Snap Peas with Lemon

This is a super easy sugar peas with lemon side dish.  This will be ready with only 10 minutes.  the lemon zest is the key ingredient here. It adds a perfect strong but delicate and flavor to the crunchy snap peas. 

Full recipe: a sweet pea chef

Chicken side dishes
Source: a sweet pea chef

10. Baked Cheesy Potato Casserole

Side dishes for chicken

This is a comfort food at its best. This can be used as a main dish or a side dish.  Its is ideal when hosting guests.  This version of casserole  uses garlic mashed  potatoes and it has loads of flavor.  

Full recipe at The Kitchen Magpie. 

Side dishes for chicken
Source: The Kitchen Magpie

11. Side dishes for chicken: Lemon Tree Dwelling

For this you just need 5 simple ingredients.  The secret to this the combination  of parmesan cheese and panko bread crumbs.   This makes them a very good side dish.  This is perfect holidays and family dinners.  To get the the best results it is best to use fresh beans.  

Full recipe at lemon tree dwelling. 

Side dish with chicken
Source: Lemon Tree Dwelling

12. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

This is perfect for Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  They are layered with cheddar cheese. You will love how it melts in your mouth.

Full Recipe on the FOOD CHARLATAN  

Healthy Side Dishes for Chicken

13. Garlicky Parmesan Zucchini Bake

This is a perfect side dish for chicken. It only requires 30 minutes.  It is also a way to incorporate vegetables into your meal.  

Full recipe at Clean Food Crush

Clean Eating
Source: Clean Food Crush

14. The Best Baked Mac & Cheese Recipe Ever

These simple and easy homemade mac and cheese are perfect for a chicken side dish. The perfect thing about this recipe is that it is super creamy and not dry which makes it perfect side dish for a chicken main dish. 

Full recipe at  Kitchen Treaty

Easy Side Dishes for Chicken
Source: Kitchen Treaty

15. Roasted Herb & Lemon Cauliflower

You will absolutely love this recipe. These cauliflower  are very delicious.  The roasted herbs and lemon takes the meal to another level. 

Full recipe at Taste of Home. 


Source: Taste of Home

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