What is Good Friday and why is it important?

by Carole John

You have probably heard of Good Friday and maybe it is just another Christian celebration. Maybe you found people celebrating it and now you do celebrate it. However, this guide will help you understand what Good Friday is.  And why it is referred to as Good Friday and not Bad Friday. And the reason behind its celebration by masses of Christians.

Good Friday and its importance

What is Good Friday?

         Good Friday is the day that Christians remember the day Jesus was crucified. It commemorates the day Jesus went through trials and tribulation and was crucified on the cross. Jesus was arrested by religious leaders and sentenced to death by the cross. He was beaten, spat on, went through shameful things, and forced to carry a heavy cross. After all these, he was nailed on the cross between two thieves.

  • Forgiveness of sins 

              For Christians, it marks the forgiveness of sins because they believe that Jesus died to plead their case to the Father, God. The heavy cross signifies the heavy burden of sins Christians carry and once they believe in Jesus that He paid it all, they are forgiven.

Good Friday
  • Connection to the Lent Period

          It marks the end of the lent period.  Which is a 40-day fasting period signifying the days Jesus fasted in the wilderness. The day is celebrated with a somber mood where no candles are lit in churches and black is mostly worn by church leaders. The day is observed through church service for most Christians. The service mostly starts at noon till around 3 pm when it is believed that Jesus died on the cross. On His death, the temple’s veil was torn into two parts, that is, from top to bottom. Therefore, the day is worth remembering for all Christians around the world.

Jesus on the cross with the two thieves

What is so good about this day?

          The day is full of mourning to remember the trials and tribulations that Jesus went through to buy Christian’s freedom from the wrath of God. However, the controversy comes in as to why the day is good yet it is a day of mourning and pain.

  • Signifies Salvation

             The crucifixion signifies the salvation that Christians get when they believe in Jesus. The wrath that God had for mankind due to sins was relinquished for every Christian who would believe in Jesus. Therefore, due to this day, Christians are ushered into Easter Monday. Which is the day that Jesus arose and beat death, which is celebratory for Christians. It means that the wage of sin, death, was defeated by Jesus when he rose.

Jesus on the cross: Good Friday

Why is the day important?

           For Christians, this is one of the most significant days in Christianity as it signifies the price that was paid with great sorrow. Jesus died a painful death that was full of sorrow for the sake of mankind. His sacrificial act was meant to plead for humankind forgiveness by the Father.

          It was all God’s doing since God himself sent His son Jesus to die on the cross.  Jesus had to die through pain and suffering to bear the cost of humankind’s sins, and then on the third day, he rose from death to beat death. The day is important since it gives Christians hope of salvation from God’s wrath.

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