17 Money Saving Tips That You Should Start Doing

by Carole John

1.Separating needs from wants

Save money by separating your wants and needs

This is a big one, and i feel like most people do not know what a want is and a need, simply because there is a very thin line between the two. In order to save more money it is important to come up with a list of wants and needs.  While you may be able to live without the wants you cannot do without the needs. A need is something you must have to survive, for instance, food. A want on the other hand is something that you desire but you can live without. For instance, cable TV.  Cutting down on the wants will go a long way in saving money.  Add this to your money saving tips. 

Money Saving Tips
Source: Life and A Budget

2. Tips for saving money :Avoiding the use of credit cards

Credit cards are the highest contributors of debt. It is easy to think that you have money while you can just swipe a card. Normalize not taking credit cards and you will end up spending less. 

3. Practicing small and regular saving

Save and Save and Save 

You do not need a lot of money for you to save. Start small and then work your way up.  Regardless of the money that you have coming in save, having the discipline to save will help stop the urges of impulse buying. Learn the art of saving and stick to it. 


Money Saving Tips
Source: The Economic Times

4. Constant review of saving or insurance policies

Money Saving Tip; Review your saving plan

Review your saving plan often, in fact this is something that you can for your finances on a Sunday. It will help you to know where you are lagging behind. It is also important to review your insurance policies to make sure that everything is up to date. Check out a related post ;

7 Things to do to improve your finances every Sunday

Source: the ascent

5. Money Saving Tip: Avoiding regular and periodic huge purchases

This boils down to the first point on wants and needs.  This will help you to stop making huge purchases.  Avoid spending too much cash at once especially on a want.  


6. Cutting down services or downgrading

In order to save more money it is important that you cut down on some of the less important services. For instance some subscriptions that you have learning. If you cannot cancel the subscriptions you have, consider downgrading them. This will also help to save some money. 

7. Lowering Housing Bills

Money Saving Tip

A good example of this is the energy bill. Practice switching of all the appliances off when not in use. You can also lower the bill by switching of the lights. While this may seem insignificant, while they are left on for longer periods they will build up. 

8. Signing up for online services and bills payments

This is a good way to remind yourself of the payments that are due. Online payments makes it easy and you also get to save on stamps and overdue charges. 

Money Saving Tips
Source: The University of Alabama in Huntsville

9. Money Saving Tip: Avoid Eating out

One of the ways in which people end up spending a lot of money is by eating out.  Why not eat out only on special occasions? This will help you to save so much money. Home cooked meals are not only  cheap but you get to make them the way you want, and make sure they are nutritious. I feel like we have little or no control when we eat out. You can also choose to meal prep, which will make it easy to eat at home since you just have to grab a meal from the fridge. 

10. Track your spending

Tips for Saving Money

Tracking your spending makes you aware of your spending. it then becomes easy to to put a stop to buying things or overspending. This also makes you aware of whether you have paid all your savings and the ones that are still pending.  It also reminds you to save. 

Money Saving Tips
Source: Youtube

11. Use Standing Orders

Standing order is both an effective and a reliable way to save money. You can use this for regular transactions, for instance, paying rent or other bills that you have.  They will also help in making sure that your bill are paid on time and there are no penalties. You can also use this for your savings. 

Read more on standing orders 

12. Create a Savings Budget

Money Saving Tips and Budgeting

One of the things that will help to save money is having a budget in place.  Know exactly how much you spend on a certain item.  it is important to include savings in the budget, not just putting aside the amount that remains. 

13. Money Saving Tip: Having a purpose for saving

One of the reasons people do not save is because they have no purpose for saving.  A predetermined idea or reason for saving may motivate one to save more. It will keep you driven and help you stop spending money of wants. 

14. Set attainable saving goals

It is important to set attainable goals since they are going to motivate you to work towards them.  Setting unrealistic goals may end up been unmotivating since one feels like they are not able to achieve anything. 

Set Financial priorities to save money
Source: Infinity Financial Solution

15 Set Financial priorities

Setting your financial priorities will help you with saving. You are able to identify what exactly you want to save for. For instance, you can start putting money away for a car. 

16. Choosing the right saving tool

There are a number of tools that you can use for your short and long term goals.  Good thing is you don’t have to choose one you can choose several that work for you. It is important to be careful about the interest fees, risks and balance minimums. 

Money Saving Tips
Source: Time

Keep 17. Track of your Savings

Add this to your money saving tips and watch your savings grow. This is also as important as tracking your spending. It is important to know how you are saving.  it will help you to stick to your saving plan and if you see any challenges you are able to rectify them as soon as possible. 

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