23 Best 4th of July Nail Ideas To Try

by Carole John

4th of July Nail Designs

You have come to the best place for the best compilation of 4th of July Nail Ideas  There is no perfect time to rock this patriotic nail art this summer.  Red, white and blue will make your nails pop. Use this to show off your American pride. Good thing we offer a variety of these summer nail designs.  Strips, stars, tie and dye and glitter you name it. 

American Flag Patriotic Nails

4th of July Nail Ideas

You can choose to have the flag on the entire nail or chose some fingers to do it, either way, it is going to look great.  There is also a variety of designs in which you can have the American flag done. 

4th of July Nail Ideas
Source: Love Ambie
nail ideas for the 4th of july
Source: Love Ambie
nail ideas for the 4th of july
Source: Love Ambie

4th of July Nail Ideas: Solid and Stars

Ideas for 4th of July Nails

Here are more subtle 4th of July Nails ideas that you can try. Having solid colors on some nails and stars on the others. All done with the colors of the national flag. 

4th of July Nails
Source: IG @cilenesilveira

Simple Stars

How cute are these simple stars for the 4th of July nail ideas?  I just love the simplicity of how they look. 

Best 4th of July Nails Art Ideas
Source: naildesignsjournal
4th of July Nail Art
Source: chasigdaisiesblog.com

4th of July Nail Ideas: Summer Ice Cream Nails

There is nothing not to love about these summer ice cream nails.  the national flag but with a twist.

Tie and Dye Style


You can have this mimic any pattern that you like, for instance, the 4th of July fireworks. 

4th of July Ideas 2022
Source: IG @nailedinnv

4th of July Nail ideas: Double French Manicure

You can never go wrong with this. All you need is to use two patriotic colors. 

ideas for 4th of July nails
Source: IG @AliciaTNails
4th of July Nails
Source: Your Classy Look
4th of July nail ideas
Source: IG @dimi.nails

Wavy Blue Manicure

This is a way of bringing the pool with you regardless of whether you are spending the 4th of July by the poolside or not. You can play around with the design and use the colors you want. 

Wavy Blue Manicure for Summer
Source@ Nailboxmiami

SIMPLE stars

Keep it simple by simply having a star. Simplicity goes a long way. 

Star Nail Design Summer
Source: diydarlin.co
Source: emerlyncloset

4th of July Nail Ideas: Modern French

This is a perfect way to incorporate the national flag colors into your nail design. 

Modern Manicure
Source: brit.co
Source: livingly.com

Small Dots

This is also another 4th of July nail idea that is simple and will have your nails looking clean. Use the colors of the national flag to make the dots. However, you can switch this to your preference too. 

Easter Nail Ideas
Source: Good Housekeeping
Small dot nail design Summer
Source: Zazzle
Source: Zazzle


4th of July Nail Art

You can carry forward your floral nails from spring to summer. For the 4th of July give them a twist by using blue and red polish. 

4th of July Nail Art
Source: IG @the hangedit
Summer Nails, 4TH of July Nails
Source: @lieve91

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