50 Gel Nail Ideas That You Will Love

by Carole John

Gel Nail Ideas

Gel nails can never go out of style as there are numerous options to choose from. 

1. Marble & Opium

This is a great combination that you can give a try. You can choose your preferred shade of brown.

Gel Nails Ideas

2. Cream & Burgurdy

Gel Nail Ideas

This is another color combination that you can decide to go with for your gel nails. 

3. Pastel Brown & White Marble

Another excellent combination for gel nails.

summer gel nail ideas

4. Medium Taupe Marble

Gel Nail Ideas

This is another great color combination for gel nails.

summer gel nail ideas

5. Pink & Florals

You can never go wrong with pink and florals

short gel nail ideas

6. Shades of Grey & silver

Gel Nail Ideas

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short gel nail ideas
Source: topknotsandpearls.com

7. Blue and Florals

If you love blue why not try this combination

Source: Pinterest

8. Green & Floral: Gel Nail Ideas


This is another great gel nail idea. 

9. Pastel Green & Florals

Here is another idea that you can use with gel polish. Choose your favorite shade of green and florals of your liking. 

gel nail ideas almond
Source: Pinterest

10. Lime Green and Florals

Summer gel nail ideas

Pastels normally look great on the nails, and there is a variety to choose from.  They are also ideal colors for gel polish. 

Source: Pinterest

11. Pastel mix & florals: Gel Nail Ideas

Why not mix some pastel colors and florals? The outcome is excellent.

Source: Pinterest

12. Tealish Greenish & Florals

Autumn Gel Nail Ideas

There is an endless list of shades of green to choose from. 

holiday gel nail ideas

13. Pastel & Glitters

This combination of colors not only stand out, but they are also beautiful and excellent for gel polish. 

14. Red & Pink

Summer gel nail ideas

The red and pink color family is a marriage made in heaven.  They blend well together, and the result is impeccable. Here is an idea of how you can do it.

builder gel nail ideas

15. Shades of Brown

Try your gel with this mix of brown shades. They look great on both short and long nails

simple gel nail ideas

16. Orange & Florals

Break off your orange gel nails with some florals, which you can do on one finger or several fingers. The choice is yours. 

gel nail ideas at home
Source: Pinterest

17. French tips & florals

You can never go wrong with a French tip.  It is perfect for gel.

Source: Pinterest

18. French tips & florals: Gel Nail Ideas

Another great idea for gel nails. Add some florals to your French manicure.

gel nail ideas aesthetic

19. French Manicure and Florals

Here is another variation of the French manicure shared above. 

20. French manicure & Nudes

Another great option of French manicure. 

Gel nail 2023

21. Red, florals & glitter

Great combination of colors and ideal for gel nails.

gel nail ideas acrylic
Source: Pinterest

22. Abstract nails: Gel Nail Ideas

You can not go wrong with abstract nails. The good thing is that you can choose whether to do a detailed abstract nail design or to keep it simple. 

gel nail ideas burgundy

23. Shades of Orange

Play around with the shades of orange

gel nail ideas burgundy

24. Orange Tips and Florals

You can also opt to have orange on your tips if not on the entire nail.

classy gel nail ideas

25. Abstract and shades of green: Gel Nail Ideas

This design is easy to copy and ideal for gel polish. You can play around with colors to achieve the ideal abstract nails you want. 

Source: Pinterest

26. Orange & Green

Gel Nail Ideas

Mix your oranges, greens, and whites. The outcome is beautiful. You can add some glitter on top

gel nail ideas coffin shape

27. Orange & Florals

If you love orange, here is another floral design you can try.  This one allows you to mix up florals and shades of orange. 

28. White Marble

White marble is another great nail color that is ideal for gel nails. It can be worn throughout the year. 

gel nail ideas classy

29. Taupe and Glitters: Gel Nail Ideas

One way of making a manicure stand out is by adding glitters to the nail polish, be it one nail or several. This is an idea for gel nails. 

gel nail colour ideas
Source: topknotsandpearls.com

30. Shades of Purple

Another great color you can consider for your gel nails is purple. You can do abstract or marble on some nails. 

31. A mix of Brown Tones

Here is another idea for shades of brown.


You can play around with green nail polish and add some abstraction to it. It is a great gel nail idea.

cute gel nail ideas
Source: Gelous

33. Color Blocking Abstract

Color blocking makes your nails fun.

cute gel nail ideas
Source: HELLO! Magazine

34. Color Blocking with Gold

Gel Nail Ideas

Here is another color blocking that you can try. Add some gold to it to make it stand out.

natural gel nail ideas
Source: CafeMom.com

35. Yellow Gel Nails

You can never go wrong with yellow. You can also mix it with other colors too. 

natural gel nail ideas

36. Yellow Florals

How beautiful is this yellow and florals? It’s like a match made in heaven.

natural gel nail ideas

37. Easter Bunny

Gel Nail Ideas

Here is something that you can try for Easter: simple and cute.

natural gel nail ideas

38. Pastel Color Blocking

Pastel colors are ideal for color blocking.

summer gel nail ideas
Source: Pinterest

39. Shades of Blues : Gel Nail Ideas

Play around with shades of blue; you can even add some glitter.

summer gel nail ideas

40. Blue & White

Mix blue and white for the perfect combination.

summer nail ideas
Source: Hairstylery

41. Black, Gold & Pastel

This is also another color combination that you can try. 

Short nail ideas
Source: Movie Manicure

42. Blue & Pink Ombre

Gel nail polish

Combine Blue and pink to achieve this beautiful ombre. 

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