21 Easy 4th of July Desserts that you will love

by Carole John

1. Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Cupcakes

To begin our 4th of July desserts list, these amazing cupcakes are a go-to dessert. The great thing about them is that you can be creative with the colors, you know, your favorite colors or the national flag’s colors—full recipe at Hunny I’M Home.

4th of July Desserts

2. Classic Vanilla Sheet Cake

This cake is a celebration on its own. It makes for a terrific base for the decor that you want.  For a patriotic flair, fill it with star-shaped blue and red sanding sugar.  Full recipe at Woman’s Day. 

Easy to make 4th of July Desserts
Source: Woman's Day

3. Margarita cupcakes

4th of July desserts cupcakes

How about these cupcakes with a twist. They will have your guests talking about your dessert for some time. These cupcakes are also very easy to make.  Full recipe at Delish

Source: Delish

4. 4th of July Desserts: 4. Patriotic Ice Pops Cake

Another easy dessert for the July 4th celebrations is this patriotic ice pops cake. The cake is much enjoyed by children and can be a great go-to for the whole family. Recipe at woman’s day. 

Source: Tastemade

5. Mini strawberry shortcake bites

4th of July Desserts

These are semi-homemade treats that only require four ingredients. You begin with a pound of cake, add cool whip, and top up with fresh juicy strawberry and blueberry.  This dessert is not only cute but fresh too.  Kids are really going to love this. 

Full recipe at Cooking on the Front Burner

easy 4th of july desserts
Source: Cooking on the Front Burner

6.4th of July Desserts: Election Cake

How about this for the 4th of  July desserts? This is important as it will be a conversation starter as to why the day is important.  You only require 1 hr and 25 mins for this to be ready. 

Full recipe at Woman’s Day. 

Source: Woman's Day

7. No Bake Lemon Pie

4th of July desserts no bake

The great advantage about this pie is that there is no need to use the oven, amazing, right? The pie is made of light lemon cream and is a great outdoor celebration option. Recipe at Julie Blanner. 

4th of july desserts no bake
Source: Julie Blanner

8. 4th of July Desserts: Watermelon cake

The watermelon cake is a great art cake and besides melting your taste buds, its appearance is incredible. 

Full recipe Woman’s day

4th of July Desserts Cake
Source: Woman's day

9. American Flag Cheesecake

Easy 4th of July desserts

Another incredibly amazing 4th July of dessert is this cheesecake. The fact that this celebration is during the summer, cheese comes as a great ingredient. However, cheesecake is not limited to the summer season. Full recipe at DOWN  Redbud drive

easy 4th of July desserts
Source: DOWN Redbud drive

10. Raspberry Pink Red Velvet Cake with Raspberry Cream Cheese Frosting

4th of July desserts cake

The 4th of July is a red-themed celebration and the red velvet completes the celebration.  It is topped with edible flowers and fluffy meringues. Full recipe at Country Living.

Source: Country Living

11. Blueberry Chiffon Mini Pies

This is perfect for summer.  These look elegant and they are easy to put together.  The whipped cream and the mascarpone cheese make this both rich and smooth. Full recipe at Southern Living

4th of July desserts mini pies
Source: Southern Living

12. Strawberry tart

This is a perfect dessert for a warm sunny day. This strawberry tart is perfect for the 4th of July celebration. This dessert is as straightforward as it comes.  Good thing is, the parts can be prepared a day or two before.  However, it is advisable to assemble it right before serving. Because the crust can begin to soften if it is set early. 

Full recipe at Southern Living

Source: Southern Living

13. Red, White, and Blue Sangria Pops

Nothing makes the 4th of July complete than these party punches or drinks.  This blend of fresh fruit and juices is perfect.  The secret is to let it sit After blending and straining, it is important to let the ingredients sit for a couple of hours. 

Full recipe at Southern Living. 

Source: Southern Living

14. Blueberry Crumb Cake

4th of july desserts cake

Additionally, blueberries can be a main theme or ingredient just like strawberries and this incredible dessert is easy to make and perfect for July 4th celebrations. It only requires 10 mins prep time and 45 mins cook time. 

Full recipe at The Pioneer Woman. 

4th of july desserts cake
Source: The Pioneer Woman

15. America Cake

4th of July Desserts

This is a patriotic cake where you just need to get the colors right and you are good to go.  It takes less than 1 hr to be ready.  Full recipe at Delish. 

America Cake for 4th of July
Source: Just A Pinch

16. Red Velvet-Ganache Trifle 4th of July Desserts

This one tastes as good as it looks, just looks at it and see how beautiful it is. It is a perfect way to complete your 4th of July celebrations. Full recipe Delish

4th of july desserts
Source: Delish

17. Sugar cookie fruit pizza with fresh berries

How about adding this to your 4th of July desserts list? It is good to have a couple of desserts to ensure you cater to everyone.  On this one you can just use the fruits you have at hand, but better if you have a variety to add some color to it.  This dessert is also perfect for a summer cookout.  the red and blue dessert is a perfect addition to your patriotic holiday celebrations. 

Full recipe at oh my sugar high

Pizza 4th of July cookout dessert

18. Red white and blueberry yogurt popsicles

Perfect for Easter and perfect for your 4th  of July celebrations. it is a good way to add color to your dessert.  These have to stay in the freezer until they are ready to serve.  Because they melt very fast.  Full recipe at the view from great island

Summer desserts

19. Chocolate Meringue Layer Cake

4th of July desserts cake

If you love raspberries, you are in for a treat.  The fresh raspberries help to lighten up this rich chocolatey dessert.  You only need 45 minutes to prepare this dessert. 

Full recipe woman’s day

4th of july desserts cake
Source: woman's day

20. Red, White, & Blue Donut Wands

You can decide to keep it simple with these donut wards. Easy to make and very delicious. Kids will be very excited about them. it is also a good way to incorporate the flag colors into them. 

Full recipe at Southern Living

Donut Dessert
Source: Southern Living

21. Cherry Flag Pie

This is a good way to wow your guests with both the delightful presentation and the taste of this pie. In order to achieve a perfect piecrust, brush the piecrust with a mixture of water and egg yolk. This will create a deep golden-brown crust.  Full recipe at Southern Living

Summer Dessert
Source: Southern Living

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