4th Of July Cookie Recipes that you will love

by Carole John

The 4th of July celebrations have summer vibes and a freedom theme. Therefore the main themes are red, blue, and white. These 4th of July cookies are baked to bring out these themes either through the cookies themselves or the cream toppings. The takeaway point is that creativity is key.

1. Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

Have you ever had a cookie made out of cake mix but totally tasted like a cookie? If you haven’t, you are in for a treat from this recipe. The cookies are made from red velvet cake mix but the good thing is that they don’t turn cakey which gives you perfect cookies to keep the celebration moving.

Full recipe at live well bake often 

4th of July Cookies
Source: Live Well Bake Often

2. Easy & Festive 4th of July Cookies

These cookies also use cake mix but with a little more decorations since the cookies themselves are decorated with blue, red, and white sprinkles. They also allow you to be creative with the decoration part. Sprinkles will do for the decoration. Full recipe at Crazy Little Projects. 

Easy 4th of July Cookies
Source: Crazy Little Projects

3. 4th of July Cookies : All American Oreos

4th of July Cookies

The main theme is American freedom and why not try these amazing all-American Oreos? The only thing you need is Oreos, white, blue, and red cream. The creams are put in between two Oreos in different layer combinations. Remember, creativity with colors is key. Full recipe at Pint Sized Baker

4th of July cookies idea

4. Exploding Star Cookie Stackers

It is time to make those cute star-shaped cookies. These cookies are filled with firecrackers exploding candy inspiration, how better can it get? Corn syrup is used to glue the cookies together to make a good red, blue, and white cookie stack. They are then filled with licorice and pop rocks which make perfect exploding star cookies. Full recipe at tbsp

cookies for 4th of July

5. American Flag Sugar Cookies

4th of July Cookies

What is better than making that American flag cookie and tasting the freedom? These American flag sugar cookies are quite an option for the celebration. The alignment of the red and white dough might seem difficult but once you get a hang of it you are good to go. You can do it your way and how you think is much easier. For the blue part, use blue buttercream. Full recipe tune n fork

sugar cookies
Source: Tune 'n Fork

6.4th of July Cookies: Fireworks Sugar Cookie Cake

To add to the 4th of July cookies list are these soft and tender fireworks sugar cookies. They are made with tartar cream, which keeps them moist. Vanilla adds in some extra flavor and is decorated with red, blue, and white M&Ms. Full recipe at Crazy for the crust.  

Source: Crazy for the crust

7. Cocoa Stars

These chocolate stars are fun to make and they are delicious. They can be part of the 4th of July color combo as a base decoration. For instance, you can have the red, white, and blue cookies mixed with the brown ones. They can also have a red, blue, and white cream topping to bring out the celebration’s theme color. Full recipe at GH

Star Cookies
Source: GH

8. Apple Pie Cookies

4th of July Cookies

Further, these cookie pies are a simpler version of the traditional apple pies since they are mini pies. The spiced apples add in the flavor and the caramel perfectly complements the taste and flavor. They have that flaky crust and caramel which make them super tasty. Full recipe at Delish

Apple pie for 4th of July
Source: Delish

9. Red, White, and Blue Star Cookies

4th of July Cookies

These star cookies are amazing and very creatively made, why not add them to your 4th of July cookies list?  The 1 stick butter cannot be substituted otherwise things might go a little south. Hard blue and red candies are used as the decorations that bring out the theme colors of the event. Full recipe at GH. 

best 4th of July cookies
Source: GH

10. 4th of July Cookies: S’mores Cookie Cups

Remember the traditional s’mores cookie cups? It’s time to make mini s’mores for the celebration. For this recipe, the marshmallow fluff topping, and Hershey’s milk chocolate ganache do it for the taste. Also, they are a bit less work compared to the original version and they are delicious. The flour can be reduced and substituted with graham cracker crumbs which makes the cookies soft but if you prefer them firm, use more flour instead. Full recipe at liv for cake. 

Source: liv for cake

11. Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches

4th of July Cookies

Have you tried this chocolate and ice cream combination for cookies? Well, if you haven’t it is totally worth trying and will give you amazing cookies. The ice cream can be prepared with different red, blue, and white colors and then sandwiched between the cookies. Full recipe at Baker by Nature

4th of July recipes for a crowd
Source: Baker by Nature

12. Captain America Cookies

Further, this recipe requires two sets of dough, that is, one dyed red, and the other one white. They are then circularly stripped and decorated with a blue M&M in the middle to make a Captain America-themed cookie. Full recipe at Delish. 

Captain America Cookies
Source: Delish

13. 4th of July Cookies: Freedom Cookie Pops

Have you ever wondered why kids love something and once you start doing the same thing you become hooked? Well, this is one of the things that will make you love eating snacks from a stick. The washi tape on the popsicle stick gives these a perfect decorative finish for the cookies. Full recipe at Delish. 

Source: Delish

14. Monster Cookies

4th of July Cookies

Yes! Monster cookie. It is a monster cookie since it combines peanut butter, butterscotch, chocolate, and oats to make the cookies. The vanilla adds some extra flavor to them and the M&Ms are responsible for the colorful decorations. 

Full recipe at Taste of Home

Monster Cookies for 4th of July
Source: Taste of Home

15. 4th of July Cookies: American Cheesecake Squares

Finally, these easy-to-make American cheesecake squares add some patriotic feel to the table. The berries placed at the top left corner suffice for a flag-like decoration for the cheesecake. They also have some fresh flavor from the strawberry jam and blueberries making perfect cookies for the 4th of July celebrations. Full recipe at Delish. 

4th of July Cheesecake
Source: Delish

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