4th of July Cakes that are Delicious Show stoppers.

by Carole John

4th of July Cakes

Having the best cake is going to compliment your 4th of July celebrations. It is also something that you can take to your host. We have compiled 21 4th of July cakes that you will absolutely love. 

1. Cupcakes Americana

4th of July cakes

These patriotic cupcakes are to start on our 4th of July cakes list.  You can never go wrong with cupcakes. Kids love them, and so do adults. To take them a step further, add these mini American flags.  I love these because they only take 30 mins, and they are ready to serve. 

Full recipe at Country Living. 

4th of July Cupcakes
Source: Country Living

2. Classic Vanilla Sheet Cake

The decorations on this 4th of July cake are everything. It is a classic cake that is going to be loved by everyone. 

Full recipe at Classic Vanilla Cake

Patriotic 4th of July cake
Source: Mike Garten

3 American Flag Cake: 4th of July cakes

4th of July cakes

This cake cannot miss on the list of the 4th of July cakes.  This takes quite some time to get the blue, white, and red parts perfect on the inside. 

Full recipe at FOOD52

4th of July Cakes to make
Source: Mark Weinberg

4. Swirled Fourth of July Bundt Cake

This 4th of July bundt cake is as delicious as it looks.  This cake will make the celebration extra festive. Decorate with the American flag colors and you are good to go.

Full recipe at Better Homes & Gardens. 

4th of July Cake Ideas
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

5. Blueberry Cheesecake

4th of July Cake Ideas

This is an ideal cake for the 4th of July celebrations.  It is not only beautiful but delicious too.  This cheesecake remains extra-creamy and has a very good tartness that will have guests asking for more.  This takes quite some time since it needs 8 hours and 30 minutes to be ready.

Full recipe at Delish. 

4th of July birthday cake
Source: Delish

6. Red White and Blue Fireworks Cake

What says 4th of July better than this patriotic cake?  You will need a grass piping tip and tinted frosting to make this shaggy effect. 

Full recipe at Cake by Courtney

4th of July cakes

7. Red White and Blue Poke 4th of July Cakes

4th of July Birthday Cake

This delicious simple cake is perfect for the 4th of July celebrations.  The sprinkles complete it.  Full recipe at  OH SWEET BASIL. 

4th of July Cakes

8. Striped Red Velvet Cake

An extremely beautiful cake for the 4th of July. The stripes make the cake stand out. the layers of the red velvet cake have been separated by whipped cream cheese frosting. 

Source: Better Homes & Gardens. 

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

9. Fourth of July Sparkler Cake (4th of July Cakes)

How about adding this to your 4th of July cakes list? It has all the flag colours which show patriotism.  This cake mirrors the 4th of July fireworks. 

Full Recipe at  Sprinkle some fun. 

4th of July easy to make cakes
Source: Sprinkle some fun

10. Patriotic Ice Pops Cake

4th of July Cake Ideas

Kids are really going to love this. It is also ideal for summer.  Full recipe at woman’s day

4th of July cakes: Ice pops
Source: Woman's Day

11. Fireworks Cake Roll

This roll is perfect for the 4th of July. You can make it for your guests or take it to your host.  Adding colored sugar sprinkles will make the cake more beautiful. 

Full recipe at Better Homes &Gardens

Fireworks Cake Rolls
Source: Matthew Clark

12. Bomb Pop Cupcakes

4th of July Cupcakes

It is not the 4th of July without cupcakes. This is a very bright way to show your patriotism.

Full recipe at Cupcakes & Kale Chips

4th of July Birthday Cakes
Source: Cups & Kale Chips

13. 4th of July Cakes: Election Cakes

4th of July Cakes 

Why not try out this election cake? It is inspired by the spiced fruit bundt cake which was given to the voters in the 18th century.

Full recipe at woman’s day

Election Cake
Source: Mike Garten

14. Red Velvet Cake

Not only is this on the theme but it is also beautiful as it is delicious. This is one of the red velvet cake recipes that you can bake for almost all occasions.  It will only take you 1 hr and 30 mins. 

Full recipe at Delish

Source: Ethan Calabrese

15. Patriotic Firecracker Cupcakes

You’ve got to add this to your 4th of July cakes list.  The firecrackers take the cupcakes to another level.  They add the cutest final touch. 

Full recipe at Mom Endeavors. 

Patriotic Firecracker Cupcakes
Source: Mom Endeavors

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