Fall Decor Ideas you will love to try

by Carole John
Fall Decor Ideas

23 Fall Decor Ideas You will Love To Try

Brighten your home with some of our fall decor ideas. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. There are numerous areas of your house that you can decorate this season. As the season’s change, so should your decor. These ideas will help with your mantle, coffee tables, entryways, couches, and bed, among others. More so, the ideas that we have shared will make your home feel both warm and inviting. They are worth giving a try, and they are all easy to achieve, which is a bonus.


Mantles are one of the areas that you ought to decorate for this season. It makes a good centerpiece for the home. Most of the mantles are the living room’s centerpiece; why not let it speak for itself by letting it stand out. Here are several ways to decorate your mantles.

  • With Candle Sticks and Laterns
  • Adding neutral touches
  • Adding florals

Decorate your mantel with Candle sticks and Lanterns

  • Candlesticks fall decor ideas.

Candlesticks are decor ideas that most people will run to when decorating their living room and, more so, their mantle.  It is possible to achieve that dramatic look just by using candlesticks in your space.  Therefore we highly recommend you use them.  You can decide to put candles or use them as they are.  Either way is a win-win. See some styling we like below. 

  • Lanterns fall decor ideas.

Lanterns are also another way you can use to style your mantle. It gives that elegant look and makes your home look chic and modern.  The good thing is you can move them around the house for different seasons. 

Mantle Fall Decor Idea
Source: Plaid and Poppies

Add some neutral touches to your mantle.

  • Neutral tones fall decor ideas. 

Neutral tones mean no color. Neutral include beige, black, gray, ivory, and taupe. To achieve that classy and sophisticated look, you can choose to layer or play around with different hues of a similar color scheme. 

Here are our top advantages of decorating with neutral tones

  1. They work with any style you have going on
  2. Offer colorful options- this means you can incorporate other colors, and it will still look great.
  3. Lets your furnishings and textures stand out


Candle sticks for fall decor ideas
Source: Life by Leanna
Source: Pinterest

Add some florals to your mantle

  • Mantle Floral fall decor ideas

I believe that florals bring a home to life, they help to brighten a space that would have otherwise seemed dead.  In addition, they will help your mantle to stand out. 

Source: LeCultivateur
Source: LeCultivateur

Having offered the three suggestions, I believe that decor is a personal choice. You can choose to try these ideas or go another route that works well for you. In the end, what matters is that you have some fall decor ideas of your own that you will implement to liven your space up. 

Wall of photos

How about adding these pressed leaves to make a wall of photos to your fall decor ideas?  Nothing screams fall like this wall of photos. The good thing is it is very easy to create. Simply just gather leaves press them and mount them. See how Bless’ er House did it. 

Source: Bless’er House

There are also printables that can be used to make this wall of photos.

Source: Maison de Pax
You can find more of these printable at ETSY.

Earth Toned Pillows

  • Earth toned Pillows Fall Decor Ideas

Yet another thing you can add to your space to spice it.  Be it in your living room or your bedroom, they will still work great t. See some great ideas below. 

Source: Rain and Pine
Source: Society 6
Source: House of Murphy
Source: Blissful Design Studio

Use Chunky Blankets

  • Chunky Blanket Fall Decor Ideas

The use of chunky blankets is also a good way to make the house feel warm.  A couple of knits can give a warm welcome to guests in the house. Make sure to vary the textures. 

Source: Bless’er House
Source: Caittin delay
Source: Etsy
Source: Craftevangelist

Use Wreaths

  • Wreath Fall Decor Ideas

Another way of decorating for fall is to use wreaths.  There is the option of buying a ready-made wreath or making one. They are perfect for the door. 

Source: cdn
Source: etsy
Source: Bless’er House


  • Pumkins and pumkins and pumkins

Pumpkins are a great way to decorate the house for fall. This can be indoors or outside on the pouch.  It is definitely not fall without pumkins

Source: GH
Source: Bless’er House

What about this pumpkin lanterns?

Source: Design Love Fest

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