What To Serve With Sushi: 11 Side Dish Ideas

by Carole John

1. Cucumber sesame

What to serve with Sushi

Cucumber sesame is a perfect dish to serve with sushi as it enhances the rich flavor of the sushi. It has a well-balanced flavor from a combination of different ingredients, including rice, vinegar, sesame oil, soy sauce, and a dash of sugar. The sesame seeds make the dish appealing and add to the flavors. Full recipe at Good Dinner Mom. 

what to serve with sushi
Source: Good Dinner Mom

2. Gomme (Japanese Spinach Salad With Sesame Sauce)

Gomae is a Japanese side dish that makes a perfect dish to serve with sushi. The sweet and savory flavors of Gomae work perfectly with the flavors of sushi. The combination of sesame seeds and spinach makes the salad very beautiful, and the flavors from the nutty, savory, and sweet sesame sauce make the dish delicious. Full recipe at pickled plum. 

what to serve with sushi for dinner
Source: Pickled Plum

3. Miso Soup (What to serve with Sushi)

Miso soup is easy to make and pairs perfectly with sushi. It is a healthy meal that is low-calorie, amazingly delicious, and also filling. You can experiment with different vegetables or use tofu cubes and seaweed. Find the recipe at Allrecipes. 

what to serve with sushi for dinner
Source: Allrecipes

4. Fried Teriyaki Tofu

What to serve with Sushi

Fried teriyaki tofu is a perfect dish to serve with sushi as it adds flavor to the meal and is rich in protein, making the combination a healthy choice. The flavors from the different ingredients of teriyaki sauce, including soy sauce, sake, cooking wine, sugar, and garlic, makes the sauce flavorful and amazingly delicious. Full recipe at Food and Wine. 

Sushi Side Dishes
Source: Food and Wine

5. Yakitori (What to serve with Sushi)

Yakitori includes grilled chicken pieces on skewers basted with a savory-sweet sauce giving it well-balanced flavors to serve with sushi. It is easy to make and is appealing to the eye, making it impressive to your guests. The tender and amazingly delicious yakitori compliments sushi and adds to its flavors. Full recipe at Just One Cookbook.

What to serve with sushi
Source: Just One Cookbook

6. Eggplant

What to serve with sushi at home

Sushi can be served with a side of eggplant marinated in teriyaki sauce to add flavors to your sushi. The eggplant is sliced into smaller pieces which are then marinated in the sweet teriyaki sauce for a sweet and tasty dish that blends perfectly with sushi. The mixture is fried in olive oil for a smoky and delicious taste. Full recipe at Cupful of Kale.

Sushi Side Dishes
Source: Cupful of Kale

7. Edamame beans

Edamame beans are young soya beans cooked while still in their pods. Edamame beans make a perfect side dish for sushi as it provides a crunchy and healthy side to the meal. The green color of the edamame beans adds color to the dish and is easy to make, making it great for a crowd. The beans are steamed or boiled in salty water and are ready to serve.

Source: the Fork Bite

8. Kani Salad (What to serve with Sushi)

The beautiful looing and amazingly delicious Kani salad compliments sushi servings. Kani salad is made from a combination of different ingredients, including cucumbers, vinegar (or lemon juice), mayonnaise, sesame seeds, mango, thinly sliced carrots, and Japanese fish roe. These ingredients give the salad the unique taste to blend perfectly with sushi. 

Source: Lacademie

9. Tempura

What to serve with Sushi

Tempura is commonly used as a sushi side dish as its tastes blend perfectly. Tempura involves deep-fried foods, including vegetables or shrimp that have been fried in a crispy and fluffy batter. The mixture of different vegetables makes the dish tasty and gives it a texture perfect for the sushi combination.

What to serve with sushi

10. Asian stir asparagus(What to serve with Sushi)

Sushi can be served with different vegetables, including asparagus, which adds a crunchy texture to the soft sushi. The Asian stir asparagus includes asparagus mixed with different ingredients, including sugar, dry sherry, garlic, and soy sauce, that add a sweet flavor to the vegetables. This dish is easy to make and requires simple ingredients for a healthy side dish. Full recipe at That Skinny Chic Can Bake. 

what to serve with sushi at home
Source: That Skinny Chic Can Bake

11. Wakame salad

What to serve with Sushi

Wakame salad is a colorful green salad made from seaweed. Seaweed is mixed with sesame oil, sugar, vinegar, salt, and sesame seeds, adding to its flavor and texture, making it a perfect side dish for sushi. You can add chili flakes to add more taste and make it spicier. Full recipe at Eat Smarter. 

Source: Eat Smarter

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