Summer Jobs for College students;15 Best Summer Part-time Jobs

by Carole John

1. Social media manager:Summer Jobs for College Students

College students are pros at social media hence will make money as they do what they love. One needs to be computer savvy, creative and has the ability to communicate effectively when drafting information for the company. Companies prefer working with college students because of their knowledge of social media and adding a new perspective to the company. The average hourly pay range is $10 – $27

Summer part-time jobs for colleges
Source: ReviewsXp

2. Nanny

Summer part-time jobs for college students

College students have plenty of opportunities during the summer season as nannies as parents look for care for their children. Summer is an activity-filled season when parents need help with the kids to engage them in the activities and ensure their safety. College students can take advantage of this time and make money while having fun with the children. The average pay for a nanny is $14.56 per Hour.

summer part time jobs for college students
Source: preferrednannies

3. Lifeguard

Students who are good swimmers and are CPR trained can take up lifeguard jobs. Swimming is a common activity during the summer season, and more lifeguards are needed at the beach, public pools, or waterparks. You can earn up to $10.18 an hour. The main role will be to ensure the safety of swimmers by enforcing the guidelines put in place. Also, you will help out different swimmers with the basics of swimming

Summer part-time jobs
Source: Royal Life Saving Society

4. Barista: Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer Jobs for College Students

As a barista, you can earn an average of $8.30 per hour serving people in a coffee shop. Students interested in this job need to be early risers to serve customers leaving early for work. Also, ensuring you can remember customer orders and have excellent customer service skills. It is a good venture, especially for students majoring in the food and beverage industry, as it enhances their skills and increases their experience.

Summer Part-time jobs
Source: I F spare parts

5. Receptionist

Summer Jobs for College Students

The demand for receptionists increases during the summer season with the increase in activities in hotels, salons, beach resorts, and other public places. As a college student, computer proficiency, interpersonal communication skills, confidentiality, and courtesy are important skills you will need to take up the job. You can earn an average hourly rate of $13.61.

Summer Part-time Jobs for students
Source: US News Money

6. Online Tutor

Tutoring is a good part-time for college students with the ability to teach, especially during the summer season. Tutoring online has become more prevalent in the recent past, and students can take up online tutoring and earn from the comfort of their homes. One can find clients from the neighborhood, online, or from the local schools. The average hourly rate for online tutors is $17.96

Online Summer Part-time job
Source: Online Tutoring

7. Call center representative

Part time jobs for college students in the summer

College students are preferred for call-center representatives due to their availability over the weekends and the evenings. Students with the ability to communicate well and with skills in sales are better positioned to take up these jobs. It involves simple roles, including managing calls, selling products, and data entry with an average hourly rate of $13.28.

Source: Workable Resources

8. Sports Scorekeeper:Summer Jobs for College Students

Students who are sports lovers can earn from keeping score for youth sports leagues. It is a perfect summer job as outdoor sporting activities increase during summer. Scorekeepers are expected to be keen and attentive to ensure accuracy, and they constantly interact with the coaches. College students earn the minimum wage as sports scorekeepers.

Sports Keeper
Source: BSN Sports

9. Pet sitter

Students who love animals can make money from pet sitting during the summer season when families are looking for people pet sitters while they are away traveling. You can get clients on different online platforms such as or pet sit for family and friends. Pet sitting does not require any qualifications to take up the job; hence students with the ability to care for animals can take up the job. The average hourly rate for pet sitters is $13.17

Pet Sitter
Source: Society Pet Sitter

10. Photography Assistant

Part-time jobs for college students in the summer

College students can take up a job as a photography assistants during their summer break. One can work as an independent photographer or in a photography studio and help out with different roles, including assisting clients and preparing for photoshoots. This is a perfect job for students interested in photography and also equips students with business skills. The average hourly pay is $16.09

Part time jobs for college students in the summer
Source: Medium

11. Bookkeeper: Summer Jobs for College Students

College students with good math skills can take up bookkeeping jobs and help companies in recording and maintaining their business financial transactions. This job helps in improving students’ math skills and business skills and earns an average hourly pay is $12.70.

Source: Hogg, Shain & Scheck

12. Restaurant Host/Hostess

Summer part-time jobs for college students

Restaurants are busy businesses during the summer season requiring more servers to work in service and at the back of the house. With excellent customer service skills and youthful energy, college students make good servers and earn an hourly average of $10.70. Also, availability over the weekends and nights, which are the busiest, makes college students the preferred employees.

Hostess/Host Jobs
Source: The Quint

13. Summer camp program coordinator

Summer Jobs for College Students

Camping increases during summer, requiring more summer camp program coordinators to assist in planning and organizing camping activities for youths and families. College students can get this part-time job that requires CPR certification and a high school diploma or GED required and pays an hourly range of $9.30 — $18.45.

Source: Pinterest

14. Bank Teller

Bank teller jobs are perfect for college students during the summer season as they have good pay and enhance one’s skills to use in future employment. Students improve their skills in cash handling, customer service, and money management, which are a great booster to one’s resume. The pay for a bank teller ranges from $12 to $15 per Hour.

Bank Teller Job for Student
Source: Corporate Finance Institute

15. Dog walker: Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer part-time jobs for college students

Dog walking is a job that college students can earn over the summer as more families and dog owners will be seeking people to walk their dogs. One needs to be a dog lover, to have experience with dogs of different sizes, and the ability to handle the dogs. You can earn by helping the dogs exercise while having fun with the animals earning an average of $14.97 per Hour.

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