30 Easy Christmas Dinner Recipes To Try This Year

by Carole John

1. Garlic shrimp with peas

Best Christmas Dinner Recipes

To begin with, the garlic shrimp recipe is a simple and easy Christmas dinner idea to go for. The shrimp is not key in this recipe, but the peas and garlic are. Therefore, the recipe allows you to be creative or use chicken, vegetable broth, or red meat. Served with white rice.  It is perfect as a Christmas dinner recipe that takes about 45 minutes to cook and prepare. Full recipe at The Settle Times. 

vegan christmas dinner recipes
Source: The Settle Times

2. Baked salmon with peas and radishes

This is a simple and quick dinner after a long day out celebrating the Christmas festivity. It takes less time to prepare, and the recipe can use some zucchini, reducing the cooking time. This yields 4 servings; however, the number of servings does not limit the meals one can cook for the family. Full recipe at Fine Foods. 

easy christmas dinner recipes
Source: Fine Foods

3. Spiced lamb chops with fennel and cucumber

Christmas dinner recipes

If your Christmas dinner idea involves having lamb, this is one of the best Christmas Dinner recipes to try. The main ingredients are lamb, black pepper, cucumber, and fennel seeds. The idea is to serve the lamb with enough pepper and fennel seeds, and a cold-crunchy cucumber which together make a perfect meal. In addition, the meal can be served alongside roasted potatoes.  Full recipe at  CookingNYTimes

Source: CookingNYTImes

4. Roasted carrot

Best Christmas Dinner Recipes

Moreover, the roasted carrot is a super easy and simple quick dinner recipe. Its savory taste comes from thyme’s and oregano’s bitterness or cumin and coriander, which perfectly compliment the carrot. The recipe takes about an hour to prepare. Full recipe at Love and Lemons. 

Source: Love and Lemons

5. Potato salad with Dijon vinaigrette

This is one of the easiest meals you can make for Christmas dinner. The recipe, with a French origin, is better served with chicken or roast meat. This recipe requires time and practice to get the flavors in place and achieve more taste. It takes about 45 minutes for an 8-10 serving.

Full recipe at Cooking NYTimes.  

christmas dinner recipes vegetarian
Source: Cooking NYTimes

6. christmas dinner recipes: Spaghetti and fried eggs

If you are going for a simple meal, this is it. This spaghetti and fried eggs are perfect for a Christmas dinner. The dish requires spaghetti, eggs, parmesan, and garlic. According to one’s liking, spring herbs can be added to add color to the dish. It takes approximately 20 minutes.  

Full Recipe at Cooking. nytimes.com

recipes for christmas dinner

7. Curried roast chicken with grapefruit, honey and thyme

Christmas dinner recipes

The grapefruit, curry powder, thyme, and honey are whisked together and then spooned over the mixture. Then the oven does its magic and can be served with potatoes. Garlic can also be used to add flavor to the dish. 

Full recipe at cooking.nytimes.com

best christmas dinner recipes
Siurce: cooking.nytimes.com

8. Perfect roast beef

This is a dish that inspires kitchen creativity when it comes to seasoning. It mostly uses thyme, pepper, rosemary, and salt. However, one can swap the seasoning with some herbs like oregano, cumin, coriander, and parsley. However, this dish takes time to prepare since it takes about 4 hours. Full recipe at Jamie Oliver.

Easy Dinner Recipes
Source: Jamie Oliver

9. Roast lamb

Best Christmas Dinner Recipes

Lamb is another perfect dinner idea, and the roast lamb is an amazing dish. The preparation is quite simple since it requires the lamb to be rubbed with the fresh herbs, olive oil, and garlic mixture and then roasted in the oven for about an hour. However, one can get creative with the spices. It can be served with roasted asparagus or roasted or glazed carrots. Full recipe at Delish. 

Simple Dinner Recipes
Source: Delish

10. Keto Pork Chops with Garlicky Cream Sauce

Furthermore, pork can be an amazing go-to Christmas dinner dish; all needed is achieving the right seasoning. The mushroom cream sauce acts as a perfect complement to this dish. It is simple and requires around 40 minutes of total preparation and cooking time. Full recipe at Delish

healthy christmas dinner recipes
Source: Delish

11. Dr. Pepper-Pineapple Glazed Easter Ham

Ham is a great choice for a Christmas dinner celebration. The ham can be scored in different patterns according to one’s liking. The ham is baked for about two to a half hours, and the glaze is applied every 10 minutes. It is then served with pineapples. Full recipe at Delish. 

Source: Delish

12. Arugula salad

Best vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes

Further, the arugula salad can be a main or side dish for Christmas.  It is easy and simple to make and takes less than ten minutes to prepare. It can be served with bitter lettuce or thin slices of fennel. Full recipe at Food Network. 

Christmas Salad Recipe
Source: Food Network

13. Scalloped Portobello Mushrooms

This is a go-to dinner idea for cheese lovers since the scalloped Portobello mushroom dish is a perfect veggie side dish. Since the dish’s idea is veggie, the spices include freshly grated parmesan, parsley, thyme leaves, and garlic. Full Recipe at Cafe Delites

Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Recipes
Source: Cafe Delites

14. christmas dinner recipes: Best-Ever Deviled Eggs

Christmas dinner recipes

As the name suggests, these eggs are extra spices since the ingredients are hot spices. The dish has been made for brunches as they are a perfect fit. Eggs are a protein source keeping you full for hours and are also a great celebration idea. Why not try them for Christmas dinner this year?

Full recipe at Mrs. Happy Homemaker. 

healthy christmas dinner recipes

15. Air Fryer Steak

Using the air fryer can give you one of the best Christmas dinners for making steak. It can give a golden crusty sear coat while the steak is perfectly cooked. The dish can be served with herbs or crispy air fryer potatoes. Full Recipe at Best Beef Recipes. 

16. Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Christmas dinner recipes

Though the dish was originally made in a tagine pot, let it not hinder you from making the best Christmas dinner for the family, a Dutch oven or a pot with a tight lid is also a perfect fit for this savory dish. Full Recipe at Gastro Senses. 

Easy Dinner Recipes
Source: Gastro Senses

17. Spinach-and-Artichoke Crown Roast of Lamb

This lamb recipe is worth trying due to its components. The lamb is prepared with the main ingredients of jasmine or basmati rice and spinach. It is simple and easy and quite tasty.  Full Recipe at Punch Fork. 

Easy Christmas Dinners
Source: Punch Fork

18. Cream of Asparagus Soup

Best vegan Christmas dinner recipes

This soup can be a light dinner or a great vegetable appetizer. In addition, the creamy soup makes it special for a Christmas night due to the soothing nature of the soup and the butter and garlic complements. Full recipe at allrecipes. 

Soup Recipes
Source: allrecipes

19. Standing rib roast

This recipe is for a large gathering, maybe when friends and family are gathered. It is worth trying. The standing rib is great for open parties and a great choice for Christmas dinner with family and friends. Full recipe at recipetineats. 

christmas dinner ideas main course
Source: recipetieats

20. Lemony Asparagus Pasta

Christmas dinner recipes

Pasta with the asparagus and lemony taste is a perfect  Christmas dinner idea. It can be a quick dinner fix after a long day with family or friends. It is super easy to make and takes little time to finish cooking and preparing it. Full recipe at Delish. 

cheap christmas dinner recipes
Source: Delish

21. Braised Lamb Shanks

This dish needs cooking over low and slow heat since the lamb shanks can be tough, and you need than tender. Simmer in a rich bourguignon-inspired red wine sauce, and the meat just slides off the bone! Full recipe at Cafe Delites. 

best christmas dinner recipes

22. Roast chicken

Roast the chicken full and serve it with salads, sandwiches, or cheesy baked tacos. The seasoning creativity is allowed for this dish. Full Recipe at Food Network. 

cheap christmas dinner recipes
Source: Food Network

23. Potatoes au gratin

Best vegan Christmas dinner recipes

Though the name can be intimidating, it is an easy-to-make dish. The good thing is it is perfect for feeding a crowd and can be made ahead of time.  Full recipe at  Food52. 

Easy Potato Recipes
Source: Food52

24. Beef Wellington

Though this is a tough dish to learn and make on the instant, practice makes it perfect. It is a traditional dish and needs ample time to prepare and make it.

Full recipe at Food Network. 

Easy Dinner Recipes
Source: Food Network

25. Golden Beet Curry Risotto with Crispy Beet Greens

This recipe is just perfect for a celebration, and the crispy beet greens complete the tasty dish. It is easy and can be a quick dinner fix option for the Christmas dinner celebration.  Full recipe at Taste of home. 

best vegetarian christmas dinner recipes
Source: Taste of Home

26. Slow-Cooked Vegetables with Cheese Sauce

Best vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes

This is a perfect way to add vegetables to your meal. These are super delicious as they are smothered in cheese. See the full recipe at Taste of Home. 

best vegetarian christmas dinner recipes
Source: Taste of Home

27. Mashed Cauliflower with Parmesan

The mashed cauliflower is a great main dish served with glazed carrots for a Christmas Dinner.

You’ll need fresh cauliflower, butter, grated parmesan, minced garlic, and black pepper as the key ingredients.

Full recipe at Healthy Recipes. 

Source: Healthy Recipes

28. Stuffed baked tomatoes

These are an addition to the dinner table and are perfect flavor and color additives.  Full recipes at allrecipes. 

casual christmas dinner recipes
Source: allrecipes

29. Buttery Mashed Potatoes

Best Christmas Dinner Recipes

The buttery mashed potatoes as the main dish is perfect for dinner. The Yukon gold potatoes do it best. They can be served with dumplings as a side dish.  Full Recipe at Serving Dumplings. 

Vegan Christmas Dinner
Source: Serving Dumplings

30. christmas dinner recipes: Red Potatoes with Beans

Lastly, the fresh green beans and red potatoes are a perfect quick dinner and can be used as a main dish or a side dish to complement meat dishes. Full recipe at Diabetes Food Hub. 


Vegetarian Christmas Dinner
Source: Diabetes Food Hub

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