What To Serve with Pancakes? 11 Best Side Dishes

by Carole John

What to serve with pancakes

What to serve with pancakes? 

Most people will admit that they love pancakes.  

They vary in the making and the shapes.

While some people love fluffy pancakes, others don’t. Pancakes are simply delicious and a perfect go-to breakfast.

But they can be served wholemeal when paired with a side dish, for instance, lunch.

You may wonder what to serve with pancakes. We have compiled 11 dishes that pair perfectly with pancakes.

1. Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs pair very well with pancakes and they are a good way to add protein to your breakfast.  Scrambled eggs are really easy to make. 

What to serve with pancakes
Source: Love and Lemons

2. Bacon

Bacon and Pancakes

Bacon and pancakes make a perfect combination.  Bacon on its own is super delicious and pairing it with pancakes makes it perfect.  You can drizzle maple syrup. 

Source: Insanely Good

Pancakes and bacon
Source: Kristine's Kitchen

3. What to serve with pancakes: Fruit Salad

Use the fruits that are in season to make a fruit salad. This will go well with pancakes. 

what to serve with pancakes for breakfast
Source: Delish

4. Maple Syrup

What to serve with pancakes

Maple syrup is perfect to drizzle on the pancakes especially if you do not have strawberry or blueberry syrups. While it is optional, it hits just the right spot. 

Especially the kids are really going to love them. 

What to serve with pancakes
Source: RecipeSelected

5. Banana and Nuts of your choice

Another thing that you can serve with pancakes is banana and brazil nuts.  Nuts go very well with pancakes. The good thing is you can choose the nuts that you like most, be it peanuts or Brazil nuts.  Top your pancakes with slices of bananas and nuts and syrup of your choice. 

Breakfast Pancakes
Source: Cooking Classy

6. Baked Beans

Serving your pancakes with baked beans will make your breakfast filling and full of proteins. Baked beans are a flavourful meal and therefore a favorite of many. This combo is not only perfect for dinner but you can have them for lunch or even dinner. 

What to serve with pancakes
Source: Layers of Happiness

7. Scalloped Potatoes

What to serve alongside pancakes

You can never go wrong with potatoes. The good thing is they are a favorite of many. Kids and adults are really going to enjoy them. They are also very simple enough to make.

Get the recipe for Scalloped Potatoes Here

Pancake Side Dishes

8. What to serve alongside pancakes; Southern Fried Apples

You’ve got to add this to your list of “what to serve with pancakes?” You can never go wrong with apples. If you have a sweet tooth you are really going to love these. 

Full recipe at all recipes.

Fried Apples
Source: Melissa Goff

9. Breakfast Sausage

Instead of buying sausages in the market, make this to go with your pancakes. You will need ground pork, brown sugar, and sage.

Full recipe at allrecipes


Pancake side dishes
Source: allrecipes

10. Roasted Garlic MASH

What to serve alongside pancakes

These mashed potatoes are a bit different from the normal mashed potatoes that most of us are used to. These are full of flavor. You add some garlic and melted butter when mashing. 

Full recipe at Cooking Classy

Breakfast Ideas
Source: Cooking Classy

11. What to serve alongside pancakes; Roast Pumpkin

These roast pumpkins will pair very with pumpkins.  They are also very easy to make.  Pumpkin is a good way to add vegetables to your meal.  The good thing is you can use the spices you like while roasting, be it rosemary, pepper, or thyme it is up to you. 

Full recipe at Steamy Kitchen

What to serve with pancakes
Source: Steamy Kitchen

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