45 New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Are Easily Achievable

by Carole John

New Year's Resolution 2023

The year is ending, and it is time to reflect and see where we went wrong and what we did well.  Most people will write down a list of new year’s resolution ideas that get forgotten along the way or it is not easily achievable.  We have decided to share 55 ideas you can borrow because they are easily achievable. 

1. Get in Shape

You have probably heard the saying that health is wealth. I am a believer in this 100%. Imagine not being able to do your daily chores because you did not take your healthy importantly.  Getting in shape does not have to be something so hard; you can incorporate small changes to your life that will take you a step closer to your goal.  Simple forms of exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming will go a great way in helping you achieve your goals. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Medibank

2. Balanced Diet

This is tied with getting in shape. Try to eat healthier this year.  Eating healthier or having a balanced diet is a step towards living healthy. Cut out on processed foods and take out. When people are just ordering in and taking out, they tend to eat fatty foods, mostly fast food.  Cooking at home is easier to ensure that you are tracking what you are eating. 

New year resolution ideas

It is also important to note that there are a lot of lifestyle diseases that people suffer from because of leading a sedentary lifestyle and having bad eating habits.  CDC states that the prevalence of obesity in the US in 2017 -2022 was 41.9%.  Other lifestyle diseases are such as hypertension, diabetes, and atherosclerosis, among others.

These articles below will give you ideas on meals and soups you can make at home. 

New Year Resolution Ideas

3. Reduce Stress

Stress kills. If the root cause of stress is not addressed, it can bring on more diseases that are hard to deal with.  It is, therefore, important to identify stress triggers and deal with them.

 Here is an article that will guide you

4. Get quality sleep

2023 New Year Resolution Ideas

We live in a fast-moving world where sleeping and resting are overrated. People want to be on the move. The body needs rest to recover. The wear and tear of the muscles recover when one is resting.  Good rest will keep your body looking youthful, and you will also be energetic. 

New Year's Resolution
Sourcce: Blogging Hub

5. Start Journaling

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

This is one of the ways of dealing with stress, as it helps to take off the load you are carrying. Keep a regular record of your feelings, personal thoughts, and insights.  Some of the benefits of journaling are such as helps to regulate emotions, reduces anxiety, and creates awareness. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Alina Vilchenko

6. New Year's Resolution Ideas: Be Kind

New Year’s  Resolution Ideas

The more kindness you give out, the more it comes to you. It costs nothing to be kind to others and do acts of kindness.  Remember sharing is caring. 

best new year resolution
Source: Inc. Magazine

7. Take a Social Media Break

Social media has taken over the world. You get into Tiktok thinking you are only going to watch 2 videos; by the time you realize it; it is two hours later.  Research has shown that social media can affect people negatively. People tend to get a lot of pressure from what they see others doing.  Taking a break from social media can reduce anxiety as well as feelings of stress. 

2023 new year resolution
Source: Hubspot

8. Clean for 10 minutes each day

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Clutter and dirt cloud one’s mind, and you cannot concentrate well. People also spend a lot of time trying to get items that are hidden in the messes. Setting aside 10 minutes daily will help to keep your space and you a person organized. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: CNN

9. Have a sleeping routine

This is important as it helps to get quality sleep.  Your body also gets used to when it is supposed to be up and when it is resting. 

Source: The Bed Guy

10. Stop procrasting

One of the biggest barriers that most people have is procrastinating. People end up not doing a lot of the things that they want to do. It is hard to snap out of it when it becomes a habit. 

11. Make a point to meet new people

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

This is a simple way of networking or even having fun. Staying in the house can be boring.  Meeting new people is key to mental well-being and helps one with professional goals through networking. 

12. Earn more money

It is the best time to strategize and come up with more ways to make money.  Aim to have 8 streams of income. We all saw what happened in 2020 when the pandemic hit. A lot of people were left jobless because they relied on one source of income. 

13. Create a saving plan

You can always save something, even if it is just a few coins a day.  This is important as it will help to cultivate a saving culture. 

Here are some of our money-saving posts to help you out.

17 Money-Saving Tips That You Should Start Doing

9 Money-Saving Challenges to Save More Money!

What is a no-spend challenge, and why should you do it?


New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Prudential Malaysia

14. New Year's Resolution Ideas: Read more

The ease of access to the internet is slowly eroding the reading culture. People are spending too much time scrolling on their devices.  Reading is important as it helps a person to grow. One of the habits of billionaires is that they read. 

Millionaire Mindset:12 steps to becoming successful

15. Opt for the stairs

New year resolutions ideas

In today’s world, people are running for escalators, elevators, or even conveyor belt-style walkways. Choosing stairs is a good way of keeping fit.

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Splash

16. Have a good budgetting plan

It is important to have a good budget.  When we have no budget, we end up impulse buying and even spending money that we do not have. 

17. Cook something new Each week

This is something fun that you can involve your spouse or your kids. it will help you to eat cleaner. 

Here are some recipes roundups you can take a look at. 

15 Weight Loss Soup Recipes That You Will Love

17 Plant-Based Recipe Ideas you will love to try

21 Plant-Based Recipes to help lose weight easily


New year's resolution ideas
Source: nbcnews

18. Give Compliments

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Compliments make us happy, so why not make others happy by complimenting others?  Seeing others happy will also make you happy. 

19. Call Your Loved One's More

Sometimes we get so absorbed by what is happening around us that we forget to check up on our loved ones. In some cases, we wait for them to make the first move.  Be intentional about calling your parents, friends, siblings, and grandparents this year. Be thankful that you have people you love, and that love you back. 

New year resplutions 2023
Source: Cat Country

20. Develop a Skin care routine

New-year resolutions

This will help ensure that your skin is clear and healthy throughout. You do not have to worry about when it is going to break out again. 

21. Put your bills on autopay

This will help to streamline your bills, which will raise your credit score, saves you time and money, and makes sure that you do not miss any of the payments.

Source: 121 FCU Blog

22. New Year's Resolution Ideas: Send more card

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

You will be surprised by how many people will appreciate your card. People have gotten used to texting that they have gotten the old ways that mattered.

23. Work out to feel good, not to be thinner

The obsession with losing weight can become unhealthy when we become obsessed with it.  Instead, try focussing on how good you feel and not the number on the scale. 

24. Stop gossiping

There is no denying that gossip can be sweet, but nothing good comes out of it. It often brings about tension in some relationships. Why not be the bigger person and say no when someone starts gossiping?  Instead, aim to spread positivity. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Reppler

25. Do Random Acts of Kindness

New-year resolutions

Have you come across the book ” better together” by Rick Warren?

The book talks about 40 days of the community.  40 days where you get to do something for another person. It can be a simple act of kindness.  Why not try it this year?

26. New Year's Resolution Ideas: Read a book a month

Reading is one of the ways that we can keep growing.  If reading a month is too much for you, make a plan that works, for instance, one book in two months. The goal is to make sure that you are educating yourself. 

new year's resolution ideas
Source: Vanilla Papers

27. Turn off your phone one night a week

Phones have become one of the biggest distractions in this era of TikTok and Instagram. You think are going to watch 2 videos before you realize it is 2 hours later.  Prioritize switching off your phone at least once a week. 

28. Go to a place you have never been

New year resolutions ideas

Aim at creating memories. Travel and go to places that you have never been to. This can be as simple as visiting a different city and trying out a  different restaurant.  The aim is to go to a different place. 

Source: KTM

29. New Year's Resolution Ideas:Clear out clutter

 I find that clutter blocks the way me having a successful day.  One is that we can end up spending a lot of time trying to navigate or looking for something.  A clutter-free house leads to a clear mind and increases the chances of accomplishing a lot during the day. 

Here is a list of 11 clutter hotspots you can consider in your house.

11 Clutter hotspots you need to tackle Immediately.

30. Weekly Meal Prep Planner

Meal prepping will help you save money and time. It will also save you time in the kitchen.  You will also be aware of what you are eating and make sure that you are in line with your diet.

31. Drink more water

New year resolutions ideas

This is easier said than done.  There are many benefits of drinking water, starting with healthy skin, aiding digestion, and normalizing blood pressure.  Start by getting a water bottle that you can carry easily and have water with you always.

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Medical News Today

32. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking can result in a lot of memory problems. It hurts efficiency and productivity.  It also increases anxiety, depression, and stress.  Try to focus on one thing at a time.

33. Eat your vegetables regularly

Vegetables should be your friend whether you are staying fit or aiming to lose weight.  They will also keep you away from the hospital. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: UNL Food

34. Prioritize Age Appropriate Screening

New-year resolutions

Age-appropriate screening is important as it will help detect any problems making them easy to solve.  It is easier to heal an illness before it spreads thought-out your body. It also keeps you on top of your health. 

35. Be kind on social media

Be kind to content creators or people on social media. Leaving a positive will go a long way to brightening another person’s day. 

36. New Year's Resolution Ideas:Let go of grudges

Holding grudges only makes you a sad person. It also brings  back bad memories which can hinder one’s growth. It also gets in the way of relationships. 

Source: Inspirational Words of Wisdom

37. Start a new hobby

New year resolutions ideas

There is no perfect time than now to start something that you like. Be it knitting, painting, drawing, a youtube channel or anything that you fancy. This will not only keep you preoccupied but you will be happy as you do it. 

38. Excercise your brain

Often are times that we forget about our brain as we exercise the rest of our bodies.  This is important as it will delay your cognitive decline.  You can solve some math equations or play some codewords and puzzles. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: FitDay

39. Become a plant owner

New year resolutions ideas

There is nothing as therapeutic as taking care of plants. Having indoor plants have proven to lower human stress and actively  taking care of plants calms the autonomic nervous system as well as lowering blood pressure.  Those who work near plants have reported great concentration, satisfaction  and enjoy quality air. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Bob Vila

40. New Year's Resolution Ideas: Plan a vacation

Take sometime off and relax. Unwind it will do you good.  Planning a vaation boosts ones happiness so does going on one.

41. Start Yoga with your partner

New-year resolutions

This is not only a form of mediation but will also keep you fit.  There are a lot of videos that will guide you online on how to go about it.

New Year's Resolution Ideas
Source: Prevention

42. Spend more time with people that matter

As we grow old we should prioritize spending time with people that matter.  Be yourself, remember life is short to spend it with people that do not matter.  Be sincere to yourself. 

43. New Year's Resolution Ideas: Get out of debt

Nothing is as draining as been in debt. Make it a priority to get out a debt.  Make a plan to start paying your debt. It will also  improve your credit score.

Source: Bible Money Matters

44. Learn a New Language

New-year resolutions

This will help to improve your communication skills.  It will look good on your resume and open days for you.  There are a lot of online resources that you can use to learn. 

45. Adopt a pet

If you are an animal lover, this one is for you. There are a lot of animals that are looking for a home, be kind and offer them one. 

New Year's Resolution Ideas

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