21 Summer Activities For Kids That Are Incredibly Fun

by Carole John

1. Camp in the yard

Create a campground in the backyard for your children this summer. This is a perfect night activity where the children lay underneath the tent and watch the stars. The advantage to this is that it is a free summer activity for kids, all of the things that you require you already have at home or they can be found easily.  This article on Tips for Backyard Camping with Kids will help you get started. 


Summer Activities for kids

2. Water balloon fight

Summer Activities For Kids

Water balloon fights are perfect for the hot summer days. Let the children help with filling balloons with water and placing them on large water tubs. Provide the rules for the game, have enough balloons to ensure the game continues and have dry towels and snacks for the children

water summer kids activities

3. Bike riding

Bike riding is a summer activity the kids will enjoy around the home or outside along the sidewalks. Let the kids decorate the bikes with flags, stickers and more.

Source: Pinterest

4. Male ice-creams at home

Keep the children entertained and busy by asking them to be involved in making ice creams at home. Gather the different ingredients required and let the children experiment as they learn. The activity is fun, and the children can enjoy the ice creams they made to cool off the heat on the hot summer days.

fun summer activities for kids
Source: Bigger Border Baking

5. Bug hunting: Summer Activities for Kids

Bug hunting is a fun treat and an educational activity all at once. Get the children magnifying glasses and have them go on a bug hunting experience while registering their experiences in a journal. A little background about bugs will make the experience more fun which can be learned from books

Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Source: Woodland Trust

6. Plant fruit and vegetables

Summer Activities For Kids

Planting fruits and vegetables is a fun summer outdoor activity perfect for children. Teach the children how to plant the plants and encourage them to grow their own fruit and vegetables. You can grow the plants on a vegetable patch or in pots if you don’t have enough space. Children will learn how to plant, water and care for plants while appreciating where they get their food.

Kids Gardening in Summer
Source: The Living Farm

7. Rock painting: Summer Activities For Kids

Have the kids gather flat and smooth rocks from outside and ensure they are big enough for painting. Provide them with different colour paints and brushes for the kids to explore. Provide the kids with clues on different ideas about what to paint on the rocks, which include animals, flowers and special messages.

Summer Kids Activities
Source: The Moments at Home

8. Go on a picnic

Summer Activities for the entire family

Summer offers the best weather for picnicking with the family. Organize fun activities for the kids, such as impromptu dance-offs, hide and seek, one-legged races and jump ropes, among others. Ensure to bring essential items for the activities and items to help the kids be comfortable and enjoy the sun, including snacks, meals, sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.

Source: Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies

9. Practice mindfulness

Summer is a good time for the kids to practice mindfulness to relax and unwind. Train the kids the various mindfulness exercises such as warrior pose, sound meditation, embracing music, and visualizing. This is a fun treat as well as a beneficial exercise for the child’s mental well-being. 

Summer activities for kids
Source: SelectHealth

10. Wash the car

Washing the car at home is a fun activity that children of all ages will enjoy. Get the necessary items needed to wash the car and let the fun begin with each child taking part in the activity. The warm and sunny days in summer allow the children to play with water in the sun as they wash the car making the activity more fun. 

fun summer activities for kids

11. Learn cooking skills

Summer Activities For Children

Cooking with your children is a fun activity and also a learning activity for kids. Teach the children how to bake and make their best meals by engaging them in various activities, including adding ingredients, rolling dough, mashing ingredients, and peeling, among others, depending on the age of the child.

Ideas for Children Summer Activities
Source: The Guardian

12. Make sidewalk chalk art.

Fun Summer Kids Activities

Children will enjoy the fun-filled activity that is cheap and engaging for all ages. Provide the children with sidewalk chalk and tape off the sidewalk into different shapes, and let the kids fill the gaps with colours of their choice

Source: Good Housekeeping Home

13. Recycled robots: Summer Activities For Kids

Making recycled robots is a cheap and fun activity that will help the children express their creativity while creating robots from waste materials. Raid the recycling bin and get material that is useful in creating the robots and supplement the with craft supplies.

fun summer activities for kids
Source: iStock

14. Clothesline Art Show

Clotheslines art show encourages creativity among kids. To make the activity fun invite more children from the neighbourhood to make it competitive and increase creativity. Provide the children with the required materials, set a date and time and make invitations at a good time.

Source: Vermont Mom

15. Go fishing

Fishing is a fun activity that kids will enjoy during the summer. Head to the lake and give children get a chance to learn fishing skills and enjoy the thrill of the catch.

Summer Activities for kids
Source: Timeout

16. Play card games

Summer Activities For Kids

Playing cards is a perfect game that can be played when the family is indoors and looking for activities to keep the children engaged. All you need is a pack of playing cards to play. Teach the kids different ways of playing cards, including poker and rummy, and the younger ones can learn old maid or crazy eights.

Summer Card Games
Source: Dad Life Lessons

17. Pick wildflowers

Over the summer season, there are many wildflowers that you can pick with the children and use to make beautiful centerpieces. Take the children with you to pick the flowers and teach them how to use them to make a bouquet to display in the home.

Wild Flower Picking Activity
Source: Stocksy

18. Make Tie-Dye T-Shirts: Fun Summer Activities FOR KIDS

Making tie-dye t-shirts is an activity that the whole family will enjoy, especially the children. Provide them with white t-shirts and a tie and dye kit, and let them express their creativity.

Tie & Dye Kids Project
Source: Pinterest

19. Water Slide: Summer Activities For Kids

Create water slides in the backyard and let the children enjoy the water activities to cool off on the sunny days. Make a game from the slides by having a contest to see how slides the fastest and the longest to increase the fun.

fun summer activities for kids
Source: TucsonTopia

20. Fly a kite

Summer offers the perfect weather for outdoor activities, including flying kites when there are heavy winds outside. Take the kids outside and teach them how to fly kites, and have them keep practicing the fun treat.

Kids flying kites
Source: Unclerave's Wordy Weblog

21. Build a barn fire

Summer Activities For Kids

A bonfire bash is a great activity that the whole family will enjoy. You can build a bonfire in your backyard when at home when visiting the beach or the park. Serve the children with snacks and engage in activities to make the bonfire memorable. 

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