25 Coolest Summer Nail Ideas You Will Love

by Carole John

Summer Wave Nail Design

To start our list of summer nail ideas is this design of waves. What is there not to love about these nails/ Summer literally calls for some beach time, swimming among others. These are therefore perfect summer nail ideas for 2022. The good thing is you can use the shade of colors that you love. As you will see below there are also different styles of this design. 

Summer nail ideas for 2022
Source: Fabmood
Summer Nails 2022

Little Daisy

How cute are these daisy nails? Why not wear them as your summer nails? Again you get to choose the colors you want.  As well as the shape. 

Summer Nails 2022
Source: Refinery29
Bright Summer Nails
Source: pippypolish

Summer Nails; rainbow nails

Bright Summer Nails

These rainbow nails are perfect for summer.  They are extremely colorful, and you can choose the colors that you like. 

Rainbow Summer Nails
Source: Chic Pursuit
Bright Summer Nails

Summer Peachy Apricot Nails

These are perfect for when you want to keep it simple. Summer is a time we get to try a lot of designs on our nails.  You can choose to keep it simple. 

Source: Short Nail Design
Summer Peachy Apricot Nails
Source: Refinery29
Long Summer Nails

Summer Neon Nails

Summer Nail Ideas

You can never go wrong with neon nails. They are perfect for summer because they are right. You can also choose the shade of neon that you like.  You can also choose to have a plain color and use the neon color for the tips. 

Summer nail ideas
Summer Neon Nails Ideas
Source: Allure

Bright Stars

You have got to add this to your summer nail ideas for its simplicity.  you can choose the color of stars that you want. 

Summer Nail Designs
Source: Refinery29
Bright Summer Nails Ideas
Source: TotalBeauty.com

Orange Accents

There are a lot of designs that you can choose to do with Orange. Be it the entire nail painted Orange, having orange nail art, or tips. You name it. The list is endless. It is also perfect for Summer. 

Summer Orange Nails Ideas
Source: desercart
Summer Nail design
Source: The Trend Spotter

WaterMelon Nail ideas

Summer Nail Designs

You cannot go wrong with watermelon nails. They just scream summer. It is a perfect design since watermelons are actually in season.

You can see more Watermelon nails at Nail Design Ideas

Summer Nail Designs
Source: Stay Glam
Summer Nail Colors
Source: Nail Design Ideas

Summer Nail Ideas: Pastel Nails

You can never go wrong with pastels What I like about pastels is that they can be worn all year alone. Summer calls for color and these nails will help you achieve that. 

Summer nails 2022
Source: Southern Living
Summer Nail Ideas
Source: BelleTag

Gold Touch Nails

How about adding these to your summer nails ideas? The gold touch on these nails just makes them stand out.  There are also different designs which you can decide to take. You can decide to do some fingers a solid gold color and have some gold touches on others. The list is endless. 

Summer Nail Ideas
Source: Wedding Mania
Summer Nails design 2022

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