7 Things to do to improve your finances every Sunday

by Carole John
Things to do to enhance your finances
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7 Things to do to improve your finances every Sunday

Finances serve a central function in our daily lives and how we manage them determines how stable we are financially and economically. However, it does not just take any other day of the week to plan and analyze one’s finances. Most people wake up on Monday morning with the least energy to carry through the week. Therefore, in such a situation, they may end up allocating money recklessly for the rest of the week.  Below are 7 things to do to improve your finances every Sunday. 

Why not set aside a day for finances?

Sunday is a perfect day since most people are free and just unwinding. It is a perfect day to look at your finances and plan the week ahead.  Here are a number of things to do to improve your finances. 

1. Budget Review

Do not underestimate the importance of budget review

Budget review is one of the things you should do for your finances. Every Sunday, one should take a thorough review of their budget, that is, income for the previous week, expenses, and possible spending for an incoming week to maximize on their shortcomings were possible.

This is important because it helps to notice any shortcomings that one has throughout the week. For instance, any overspending.  This makes it easy to cut down on spending. 

Enhance your finances
Source: Business Partner Magazine

2. Things to do to improve your finances: Scheduling bills and payment modes

Scheduling bills and payment modes is an important thing to do on Sunday.   It’s critical to understand the bills that are due and plan to pay them on time to avoid piling expenses at the end of the month.  When bills pile up, it becomes hard to pay them off.  It is also hard to watch all that money leave the account to pay bills. 

3. Analyze previous bank transactions

Things to do to improve your finances

It is crucial to analyze the previous bank transaction.  Taking a look at the past week also helps to note instances of overspending or even impulse buying.  it then becomes possible to make the necessary adjustments for the next week. 

4. Restock on Basics

Restocking on basics will definitely improve your finances! 

You have to add this to your list of things to do to improve your finances. It is important to reset for the week.  This entails taking stock.  Noting down what has run out and restocking it.  This can be skincare products or groceries.  Restocking helps one to start off the week on the right foot. Ensuring you have all the food needed in the house makes it easy to stick to your daily routines, without having to go shop for some items.

Source: Optimal Living Daily

5. Setting and Reviewing Financial Goals

If you don’t already have a set financial goal it is time to do so. And if already have some financial goals set, it is important to review them.

This will help to keep you on your toes, know what you have achieved and what you still have to work on.  It is crucial to set realistic goals because they keep you motivated and moving forward. 

6. Things to do to improve your finances: Emergency Preparations

Have an emergency fund!

It is important to prepare for an emergency. This is because an emergency can lead you to take a lot of loans and take you back to step zero.  Consider having an emergency fund in the plan. This is something you can do over time, you can save monthly and within a matter of time. Another thing that can drain you out is healthcare bills, so work on having health insurance. 

Things to do to improve your finances
Source: Bobatoo

7. Assuming a positive mentality on finances

A positive mentality is key!

This is one of the most important things to do to improve your finances. Finances are one of the things that can be challenging to deal with. It is however important that we are able to assume a positive mentality on finances.  Keeping positive makes it easy to deal with any challenge that comes along. 

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