17 Ways to Increase Your Income in 2024

by Carole John
Tips to increase your income
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1. Write an e-book to increase your income

Tip to Increase your income:  Write an E-Book 

You can turn your passion for writing into extra income through writing e-books. E-books are cheap to create and publish. You can write many e-books as they are as short as 50 pages. You can increase sales by placing eBooks on online sites like Amazon, where millions of people can access them.

2. Increase your income: Take Online Surveys

Increase your income by taking online surveys through various sites. There are multiple sites online that provide cash or gift cards while seeking an opinion on various issues. It is easy to fill out the survey, and you can do it in your free time, so it doesn’t interfere with your daily job. Most people fill surveys overnight, and you can do it in the comfort of your couch.

3. Move to a Low-Cost City

Ways to increase your income: Move to a low-cost city

You can increase your income by moving to a low-cost city and getting a higher-earning job. This will help you earn more and spend less, which will increase your revenue. Survey and research the living cost of the city you are moving to, in order to identify job opportunities and inexpensive places to live.

Sell old books to increase your income
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4.Tip to increase your income: Sell Used Books

Increase your income by selling used books.  If you are a reader with many books lying on your bookshelf, you can turn them into cash by selling them online. You can sell the books at a lower price than other book vendors by comparing the prices to attract buyers. Most people are looking for books online but are limited by the high costs of the books. Therefore, the books will be in higher demand at a relatively lower price.

5. Be a Tutor

Enhance your income by tutoring 

Become a tutor online or within the community and earn extra income. Tutoring offers you a flexible way to earn more money. If you have a background in education or with teaching experience, you are likely to get tutoring jobs on various sites online. You can create online teaching videos on various courses or how-to videos for individuals of different ages. 

6. Be a Courier

You can earn extra income with your car by taking a job as a courier delivering documents for businesses and individuals. Businesses need couriers to deliver various documents and parcels, especially confidential parcels. You need to be time convenient and trustworthy to earn the trust of the companies for them to keep calling you for the job.  

Enhance your income by been a dog carer
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7. Tip to enhance your income: Be a Pet Carer

You can become a pet caretaker for the many pet owners looking for someone to take care of their pet when they are out of town for work and vacation. The pet owners leave you in their home with the pets to provide basic care and watch them for the time they are away. The owners may also require you to take up other small chores in the house while they are away, such as feeding the pets, cleaning, and collecting mail. 

8. Be a YouTuber

Tip to increase your income: Sell Designs Online

Increase your income by creating a youtube channel.  You can earn money through sponsorships, advertisement revenue, channel membership, and premium revenue. 

9. ways to increase your income: Monetize Your Social Media

You can earn from sponsored social media posts on various sites. You need to grow your following on social media and engage more with your audience. Brands will seek to advertise on your page by posting sponsored pictures and videos. To leverage your earnings know your audience, tag brands, and post content consistently to increase engagement.

Babysitting job to increase your income
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10. Be a Babysitter

Babysitting is a fun way to earn money and is well paid for by millions of parents looking for people to watch their kids.

What it involves

It may entail staying overnight, over a weekend, or for some hours that the parents are away. Therefore, you need to be flexible with your availability to make the most out of babysitting. You can join various online sites that provide babysitting services or use your social media platform to create awareness of your availability to babysit.

11. Tip to increase your income: Rent your Car

You can rent your car to earn you money, especially if you do not use it often. Various peer-to-peer rental services online can help you rent your car at a commission. This is good money rather than having your car in the garage over time with no one using it throughout the year.

12. Start a blog

Increase your income by starting a blog

A blog can earn you money just by sharing your thoughts and ideas about different issues. To start a blog, you need to decide on your niche and develop the content on the particular topic. To make the most out of blogging, it’s advisable to write about popular issues to attract a vast population to your blog. You can advertise on the blog and partner with companies for sponsored advertisements on the blog.

13. Online proofreading jobs

You can earn online by taking up proofreading jobs available on various sites such as Upwork and fiver. Businesses and individuals are seeking proofreading services online for business presentations and resumes.

What you need; 

You need skills to carefully spot grammatical errors, read different documents and identify incorrect punctuation.

14. Create an app

Earn money by creating apps

If you have an idea of creating an app that can help make life easy or improve business processes, then you can make money from developing the app. Research the market to ensure the idea is original and the features necessary for the app to ensure functionality and effectiveness. The app will earn you money once people download it and start using it.

15. Get Paid To Do Research

Agencies, including government and non-government organizations, use researchers to work on various projects. Research ranges from scientific projects to business-related research on products and consumers. You can find various online sites that offer research jobs.

16. Be a social media manager

Social media has become the in thing now. Celebrities, businesses, and influential personalities are constantly seeking the services of social media managers for their social media platforms. You can earn from the job with proper social media knowledge and communication skills.

What it entails; 

It involves communicating with followers and stakeholders, producing new content, analyzing the reviews, and developing strategies to increase engagement.

17. Sell designs online

Increase your income by selling designs online

You can develop various designs and sell them online with graphic design knowledge. As a graphic designer, you can create designs and software for businesses and organizations. You can also print these designs on various items such as t-shirts, mugs, and hoodies and sell them on different online platforms.

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