42 Best Christmas Tree Decorations To Copy This Year

by Carole John

Christmas Tree Decorations

 Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world. It is also one of the most beautiful times of the year. We have compiled Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can copy this year. Whether you are leaning towards a red theme, white, silver, gold, or plaid, there is something you can borrow from these ideas. 

Source: randigarrettdesign.com

How to decorate a Christmas Tree

What do you think about this Christmas tree with gold accents? It’s a stunner, right? You can easily achieve this by using a gold ribbon or balls. Randigarettdesign executes it perfectly. 

Christmas Tree Decorations
Source: Balsam Hill

ideas christmas tree decorations

See how Balsam Hill incorporated some red accents by using red berries and boxes with red ribbons. 

Source: Barckyardboss.net

red christmas tree decorations

Or you can go the Barckyardboss way of using red ribbons and a mix of gold flowers. 

Source: lilluna.com

Luxury Christmas tree decorations

To achieve this look, you need a mix of balls, Christmas lights and ribbons. 

Christmas Tree Decorations
Source: Balsamhill

Red- themed Christmas Tree Decorations

If you are going for a red theme, get inspired by some of these red Christmas tree decoration ideas we have shared. There are numerous ways to achieve this look. 

One of the ways of achieving this look is to use ribbons. Red ribbons are available in different styles and materials. So there is quite a variety to choose from. Drape this on the Christmas tree, and you are good to go. 

Balls are also available in red; you can choose from different sizes and just hang them on the tree. 

Christmas tree decorations

Bows are also an easy way of decorating a Christmas tree. You can choose red, which will help you achieve a red-themed Christmas tree. 

Add some red berries to the tree.

You can also give the tree a red touch by wrapping some boxes in red and putting them below the tree. It is also a brilliant way to hide the bottom of the tree. 

luxury christmas tree decorations uk
Source: weirsofbaggotst.ie
Source: bhg
Source: Sandraslife
christmas tree decorating ideas
Source: diybeautify
simple christmas tree decor
Source: sooshell.com
Source: diybeautify
Source: zevyjoy.com
Source: kristywicks.com
personalised christmas tree decorations
Source: Art & Home
Source: christmas.365greetings.com
luxury christmas tree decorations
Source: saudos.com
black and white christmas tree decorations
Source: Hiken Dip
red christmas tree decorations
Source: Nicole sometimes
christmas tree decoration ideas
Source: dressupbuttercup.com
Source: goodhousekeeping.com
Source: homebyheidi.com

White Christmas Tree Decoratons

White Christmas trees are also very common and quite beautiful when executed well.  Similar to the red one, you just have to play around with your ornaments. 

Christmas Tree Decorations
Source: craftberrybush.com
christmas tree decoration ideas
Source: We're Two Pinners
white christmas tree decorations
Indoor Christmas Decorations
Source: homebyheidi.com
how to decorate a christmas tree
Source: Modern-glam.com
how to decorate a christmas tree
Source: Home by Heidi
Christmas Decoration
Winter Decorations
Source: Patricia Arruda | @p.arruda on Instagram
outdoor christmas tree decorations
Source: @haverstrawhill via instragram.com
Christmas Decorations
Source: homebyheidi.com
pink christmas tree decorations
Source: Rita Bernard
Source: wilshirecollections.com
Christmas Tree Decoration ideas
Source: Donna Hunt
how to christmas tree decorations
christmas tree decor
Christmas Tree with Ribbons
Source: discover.hubpages.com
Source: Pinterest
Source: thelilypadcottage.com

Christmas tree decorations

The blue accents are just on another level. Also, it is very easy to achieve since you just need to play around with blue ornaments and mix them up with other colours.  And just like that, you can easily achieve blue Christmas tree decorations. 

Christmas Tree Decorations
Source: Nissa Lynn Interiors

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