15 4th of July Party Ideas That’ll wow your guests

by Carole John


4th of July Party Ideas

The 4th of July celebrations without confetti poppers. These are filled with red, white, and blue confetti. And they will be enjoyed by both kids and adults. 

4th of July Party Ideas
Source: Happiness is Homemade

2. Red, White, and Blue Table Setting

Food is normally the star of a lot of parties. People definitely remember the food months later.  So make sure that you go all out.  For this table setting take out your best utensils and serving pieces.  What will make this table setting stand out is the red, white, and blue linens. 

4th of July party ideas food
source: Hector Manuel Sanchez

3. Star-Spangled Table Decor

4th of July Party Ideas

This is another table decor setting that you may opt for instead of the first one.  The secret is to pull out your red, blue, and white linens.  You can add the color with some flowers. 

Source: Brian Woodcock

4. 4th of July Party Ideas: Painted Lawn STARS

This idea is really easy to execute and you only need one item, that is paint. You will then use the paint to draw stars on your lawn. 


4th of July Party Ideas

Kids are really going to love these headbands. They are easy to make, you make them using pom poms and pipe cleaners. 

Full tutorial at Country Living. 

Party ideas for 4th of July

6. 4th of July Party Ideas: Bandana Flower Pots


Group these flower pots together and they make a perfect 4th of July centerpiece. You can have this for the entire summer. 

Source: Country Living

4th of July Centerpiece
Source: Becky Luigart

7. 4th of July: Spangled Candle Sconces

If you are planning on some outdoor celebration, consider these candle sconces.  They will come in handy when it gets cold. 

Tutorial A Kailo Chic Life

Outdoor 4th of July Party
Source: A Kailo Life


4th of July Party Ideas

Nothing says 4th of July than this wreath. It is a perfect way to welcome your guests.  this wreath is beautiful enough to have throughout summer. 

Tutorial at  A Night Owl

ideas for a 4th of july party

9. Oversize Fabric Pinwheels

This makes for a beautiful 4th of July decor.  They are very easy to make.  You can have this up for the entire summer. 

Tutorial Country Living. 

4th of July Decor
Source: Brian Woodcock

10. S'more Holders

Why not avoid making a mess by using these S’more holders.  It also means not everyone will be dipping their hands in there and therefore they are more preferred. They will also take your table set up to another level since they work as decor too. 

Source: Redbook

4th of July Decor
Source: Balancing Home


4th of July Party Ideas

This is one way of using your mason jars in the house. Good thing is, you do not have to remove this once, the 4th of July is up. You can use them for as long as you wish. 

Source: Redbook

12. Paper Straw Garland

This is a very easy DIY that you can involve the kids in and have some bonding time. You just need to cut red, blue, and white straws into different lengths and put them into a string then hand them. 


Source: Brian Woodcock

13. Parmesan Tots with Dipping Sauce

You can not go wrong with this appetizer. serve these Parmesan-dusted tater tots on dotted paper wrappers placed on mason jars. Use blue and white napkins. 

Full recipe at   Country Living

Source: Country Living

14. Mixed Berry Spritzers

4th of July Party Ideas

You can never go wrong with Mixed Berry Sprinters. Both kids and adults are really going to enjoy this. You can make it non-alcoholic or alcoholic, it is your preference. 

Full recipe at Country Living. 

4th of July party ideas Drinks
Source: Country Living

15. 4th of July Party Ideas: lFag Bunting

Nothing screams fourth of July than these flags.  It is also a DIY  project you can undertake. 

Tutorial at Making Lemonade

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