15 4th of July Cocktails that are so refreshing

by Carole John

Cocktails for 4th of July

These 4th of July cocktails will make your fourth of July celebrations one to remember. You will love how colorful and refreshing they are. 

1. Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas

This blueberry lemonade version is perfect for summer. It is also a great way to use your blueberry simple syrup. 

Full recipe at Delish

4th of July Cocktails
Source: Delish

2. Honeydew Margarita

4th of July cocktail

This is a perfect way to swap out a salt rim for sugar. it will enhance the honeydew cocktail’s, subtle sweetness. 

Full recipe GH

4th of July cocktails
Source: GH

3. 4th of July cocktail: Fire Cracker

It is not the fourth of July without watermelon. the fruit is normally at its height this season and it is perfect for this season. some of the key ingredients are rum, triple sec, lime juice, and simple syrup cayenne pepper. 

Full recipe at Liquor.com

Source: Liqour.com

4. 4th of July cocktail: Fish House Punch

This iced-tea upgrade is perfect for summer and the fourth of July. It will help to cool down when you are relaxing.  For this, you will need sugar, amber rum, cognac, peach brandy, and black tea.

See the full recipe at Country Living. 

5. Red, White and Blue Wine Spritzer

These white wine spritzers are a classic beverage for summer. To celebrate the American birthday, add some red and blue colors. 

Full recipe at Pretty Plain Janes

4th of July cocktail
Source: Pretty Plain James

6. Spicy Watermelon Cocktail

4th of July cocktail

Why not make use of the availability of watermelon and make this cocktail. You will need 1 hr 15 mins. 

Full recipe at Country Living. 

Cocktail for 4th of July
Source: Country Living

7. 4th of July cocktail: Mermaid Lemonade

This combination of rum, lemonade, and blue curacao works like a miracle. you only need ice, blue curacao, white rum, lemon slices, lemonade, and maraschino cherries. You only need 10 mins to prep. 

Full recipe at Delish

4th of july cocktails blue curacao
Source: Delish

8.4th of July cocktail: East Bayside Cocktail

This is holy matrimony of gin and blueberries.  You will only need Gin, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, mint leaves, and blueberries. 

Full recipe at GH

4th of July alcohol drinks
Source: GH

9. Elderflower Gin Cocktail

Elderflower liqueur and gin make a perfect combination.  They are more delicious when paired together. This is perfect for brunch. Cucumbers are a perfect garnish for this cocktail. 

Full recipe at GH. 

4th of July Cocktails with Gin
Source: GH

10. Boozy Root Beer Float

This boozy drink is just perfect for summer and more so for the fourth of July. An added advantage is that this drink is very easy to make. just needs some scoop of vanilla ice cream and rum. Then you top it with root beer. 


4th of July drinks blue curacao
Source: Liquor.com

11. Raspberry Smash

4th of July cocktail

This drink is super refreshing on a hot day. It has vibrant colors and a raspberry flavor. The total prep time is 5 mins. 

Full recipe at The Pioneer Woman

Source: The Pioneer Woman

12. Watermelon Blueberry Cooler

Nothing can top a watermelon cocktail in Summer. You’ve got to add this to your 4th of July cocktail list. 

Source: Tasty Trials


4th of July watermelon cocktail
Source: Tasty Trials

13 Fourth of July Cocktails:Patriotic Panna Cotta Shooters

This rich and creamy panna cotta is layered with citrusy blue curacao and grenade syrup. what’s a better 4th of July cocktail than one with red, white, and blue colors? 

Source:  Sprinkle Bakes

4th of july drinks blue curacao
Source: Sprinkle Bakes

14. Pop Rocks Rimmed Cocktails

Why not spice up your cocktails this 4th of July?  You will need to dampen the edge of your glass with lemon juice. Then dip them into a pop-rock of your choice.  This cocktail is both easy and quick to make. 

Full recipe at PIZZAZZERIE

4TH of July Cocktails
Source: Pizzazzerie

15. Sugar Cookie Pudding Shots

These are both patriotic and extremely delicious.  If you are a fan of pudding, you are going to love these.  they have the tiniest edge of alcohol taste.

Source: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

4th of July cocktail recipe
Source: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

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