Tips to Get Through Financial Hardship quickly

by Carole John

12 Tips To Get Through Financial Hardships

In some instances, we may feel like we are falling short regarding finances, and we need to act up before it can get worse. We have compiled tips to get through financial hardship. These will help to ease your financial burden.

Stress causes financial hardship
Source: Streetwise Journal

1. Create a budget

  • Tips to get through financial hardship: Create a budget 

One tip to get through financial hardship is to create a budget. Creating a budget for the monthly expenditure is fundamental to dealing with financial problems.

  1. Ensures you only spend money on essentials. 
  2. It makes it easy to track any spending.  
  3. Helps to adjust your budget accordingly. 


Overcoming financial hardship

2. Find additional sources of income.


Finding an additional source of income is another tip to get through financial hardship.  

This can be a job or another paying activity which can be your hobby. 

The additional revenue will help meet daily needs and meet the necessary expenditures to avoid debt and increase savings.

With the extra income,

  1. you can regularly increase savings,
  2. increase the debt payment to clear quickly,
  3. and reduce the chances of taking more debt to cover extra expenses.
Managing personal finance to help get through financial hardship

3. Identify major financial stress sources.

  • Tips to get through financial hardship: Identify Major Financial Stress Sources

To solve financial difficulties, it is essential to identify significant financial challenges.

This includes the upcoming bills, debt, and other financial needs that need to be taken care of within a particular time.

Identifying these challenges and listing them according to their urgency is critical in determining what to prioritize in solving the challenges.

Keep the list and follow up over time to determine the changes achieved and the financial difficulties impact.

Tips for financial hardship

4. Avoid taking or/and pay the debt.

To get out of financial difficulties, it’s essential to avoid taking debt and paying the existing debt.

Make a plan to pay the debt by negotiating with the lenders and including the debt payment in your monthly budget.

Make a realistic plan that will not result in financial frustrations by clearing the debts quickly with less income. You can include the lenders by negotiating the amount you can afford over time.

However, to clear the debt and win the trust of lenders, it is crucial to keep your word and make the agreed payment on time.

Also, find an additional source to increase income to help pay the debt and increase income to avoid debt.

pay debt to solve financial hardship

5. Start saving

  • Tips to get through financial hardship: Start Saving

Start saving money regularly, which could be monthly or weekly.

Saving money will help increase one’s wealth which is helpful when facing financial difficulties. It is exceptionally fundamental for survival when one loses their source of income or is faced with challenges that limit their ability to make money.

Also, it’s essential to protect your savings by ensuring you can’t access the money with ease for unnecessary expenditure.

Easily accessible savings face the risk of being used up for unnecessary purchases, shopping, or expenses that aren’t budgeted for in the monthly budget.

Savings one way of solving financial hardship
Source: Alchemy Insurance Agency

6. Make a plan and stick to it.

Develop a plan by identifying expenditures to cut to reduce unnecessary spending and stick to the plan.

This includes spending the income and reducing debt according to the agreements with the lenders.

Sticking to the plan will help create better spending habits that may be hard to acquire without a strict schedule.

Also, a plan on routine maintenance on your car, home, and health, among others, to solve problems before they escalate to big problems.

Financial Planning for better money use.

7. Reduce monthly spending

  • Tips to get through financial hardship: Reduce Monthly Spending 

Identify areas you can cut on spending every month, including

  • unnecessary subscriptions,
  • clothing,
  • and entertainment among others. 

Also, you can spend less by buying food in bulk and avoiding eating out.

It can be achieved by avoiding using credit cards instead of using cash.

Using cash ensures that shopping stops when one has no more cash left, unlike a credit card.

Reduce Monthly Spending to reduce financial hardship

8. Create an emergency fund

  • Tips to get through financial hardship: Create an Emergency Fund

Another tip to get through financial hardship is to create an emergency fund. 

This is key when urgencies come or there as unexpected needs. 

These can be emergencies resulting from financial obstacles such as health issues or job loss.

It helps avoid debt and cut the monthly budget to meet emergencies.

Hence it’s essential to have an emergency fund to avoid interfering with the financial plan when faced with challenges.

Emergency Fund to help with financial hardship

9. Get health insurance

Health is expensive and may interfere with one’s financial plan and monthly budget.

Lack of health insurance can take loans and use all their savings. 

It is also cheaper to pay via insurance than out of the pocket. 


Emergency fund: tips to get through financial hardship
Source: Gosp News

10. Limit shopping

  • Tips to get through financial hardship: Limit Shopping 

Shopping is a big way to spend their money, especially without budgeting for the expenditure.

Shop for only needs and leave out the wants to maximize your current income.

Avoid impulse shopping, especially online buying unnecessary things or visiting the malls frequently, which creates a temptation to shop.

Limit shopping
Source: Inc. Magazine

11. Set realistic financial goals

Here is another tip to get through financial hardship.  Set financial goals to motivate you towards investing and saving. These include,

  • goals that one wants to meet over time
  • such as buying a home,
  • paying debt
  • and making an investment.

This makes it easy to achieve one’s goals easily. However, take time and make realistic financial goals. It ensures there is no discouragement or frustrations.  

set realistic goals to manage your finances
Source: iStock

12. Closely Manage Your Bills

  • Tips to get through financial hardship: Closely Manage your Bills

Another tip to get through financial hardship is to manage your bills.  This will help to make sure there are no late payments. 

  • Continuously track your spending. 
  • It ensures your spending aligns with your budget. 
  • It also makes sure all bills are paid on time. 


Help with financial problems

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