30 Easy Couple Halloween Costume Ideas To Copy In 2023

by Carole John

1. Adult S'mores Snack Couples Costumes

Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

To start are these funny couple of Halloween costumes that you can give a try. 

ideas for halloween costumes couples
Source: Partycity

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes couples easy

Who does not love peanut butter and Jelly? It is an excellent idea for this year’s costume. 

ideas for halloween costumes couples
Source: Partycity

3. Sumo Wrestlers Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Adults’ Halloween costumes Couples

source: Oprah Daily

4. The Princess Bride Costume

Halloween costumes couples ideas

If you are a fan of the 1987 classic The Princess Bride, this is for you. You and your partner can play heroic Westley and Buttercup. 

halloween costumes couples ideas
Source: GH

5. Queen and King of Hearts Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Why not be inspired by Alice in Wonderland and bring the Queen and King of Hearts to life.

Source: GH

6. Space Costume Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

You can’t go wrong with these space costumes, the good thing is, they are available for kids too.  However, you will need a lot of silver spray paint.  

Halloween costumes couples easy

7. Hungry Hippos

Halloween costumes couples diy

The Hungry Hungry Hippos board game inspires this outfit. You can DIY the entire outfit. 

DIY Hallowean Costumes
Source: Sugar &Cloth

8. Soap and Loafer Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

This is perfect for a last-minute costume. You can buy it ready-made or decide to DIY it. 

Soap and Bar Couple hallowean costumes
Source: Woman's Day

9. Princess Peach and Mario costume

Adults’ Halloween costumes Couples

This Princess Peach and Mario costume is a fun idea for Halloween. Get the full tutorial at Anna Danigelis.

10. The mustard and the ketchup Halloween Costume

Another easy Halloween costume idea.  Bring out the mustard and the ketchup. 

Funny Halloween Costume
Source: HauntLook Store

11. Beetlejuice & Lydia Halloween Couple costume Idea

Why not dress as the main characters in Tim Burton’s classic horror-comedy film: Winona Ryder’s goth girl Lydia Deetz and, yes, Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice & Lydia Halloween Costume
Source: Chicago Costume

12. Panda Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

Why not twin with your partner with this Panda costume. 

halloween costumes couples ideas
Source: IG @alysie

13. Barbie and Ken Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

This Barbie and Ken costume is also easy to pull out. 

Halloween costume
Source: Woman's day

14. Bacon and Egg Couple Halloween Costume

This is also an easy couple costume set that you can try.  The good thing is you can keep this and use it years down the line. 

funny halloween costumes couples
Source: Woman's Day

15. Lumberjacks Costume

Halloween costumes couples easy

This is a straightforward costume since you can just pull out the outfits from your closet. Remember the fake axes and suspenders.

halloween costumes couples easy
Source: GH

16. Trash and Recycle Can Costume

This is an exciting couple costume to try out this year.  You can DIY them or buy them ready-made. 

adults halloween costumes couples
Source: GH

17. Disco Dancers Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Adults Halloween Costumes Couples

You can easily pull any simple set of costumes out of your closet. 

Adults halloween costumes couples
Source: Woman's Day

18. 'Harry Potter' Couples Costume

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this is definitely for you.  You and your spouse can be Harry and Ron. 

Halloween costumes
Source: Color Me Courtney

19. 'A League of Their Own' Couples Costume

This is an easy DIY Halloween costume you can easily make at home. See the tutorial at Live Free Creative.

20. 'The Little Mermaid' Couples Costume

You easily DIY this outfit and hence save a couple of bucks.  Full tutorial at Brit+Co

Hallowean outfits

21. Nintendo Switch Couples Costume

This one is for the gamers.  Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular gadgets, so why not wear it as your costume.  

Full tutorial at Club Crafted

Nintendo Switch Couples Costume

22. Farmers Market Couples Costume

Easy DIY Halloween Couple Costume

This fun DIY Halloween couple costume is super easy to pull off.  You simply choose your favorite vegetable.  Tutorial at Country Living. 

adult halloween costumes for couples

23. Greek Gods Couples Costume

Adults’ Halloween costumes Couples

Dress up as Aphrodite and Hermes. Also, another DIY Halloween costume. 

Full tutorial at Tell Love and Party. 

cute couple halloween costumes

24. Super Parents Couples Costume

Unleash your super parenting powers with these outfits. 

Tutorial at Damask Love.

cute couple halloween costumes

25. Party Animals Couples Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

It is perfect for a last-minute costume idea.  Tutorial at Brit + Co.

adult halloween costumes for couples

26. Money Heist adults halloween costumes couples

If you love the series Money Heist, you can try this costume. 

Halloween Costume
Source: ola_and_her_life

27. Cowboy and Cowgirl Costume

This is a classic and easy Halloween couple outfit to put together.  You can pull out the items from your closet. 

Halloween Costumes
Source: GH

28. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Couples’ Halloween costume ideas

Why not dress up as your favorite celebrity? 

funny halloween costumes couples

29. Thing 1 and Thing 2 from 'Cat in the Hat'

What about this classic funny Halloween Couples’ costume idea?

couples halloween costume ideas
Source: Elope

30. Lumberjack & Tree

Couples Halloween costume ideas

This is an easy DIY costume that you can pull out quickly with the items you already have in the closet.  Tutorial Fish and Bull.  

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